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These people sent me about 5 letters now promising 2 - 3 million, if i send them 20 dollars.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Huntington Station, NY It looked pretty legit so i sent them money, now they want more money ### a transfer fee, this is obviously a scam, another thing is it says the contest prizes are distributed by a third party but they dont list the third parties that they are talking about. I actually was kinda sceptical right from the beginning so when i sent in the $20 cash, i wrote down the serial number. I would appreciate it if someone knew how to track these a-holes down and would do so. EG73025635D these guys need to go to jail.

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  • Pu
      Mar 01, 2010
    I.A.A - Award Account Notification
    United States

    I received a letter of Award Account Notification from The International Award Advisors. I don't buy into this so I decided to check them out. SCAM!!! This needs to stop.

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  • Ju
      Jun 20, 2010

    "Those guys" are safe from yours and the law's grasp because they are somewhere far away, like Nigeria or Indonesia. And how could that scam look legit to you? The internet is full of millions of complaints from people who were contacted they had won millions and just needed to send an administrative/processing fee. Do you really think someone is just giving out millions of dollars to a stranger like yourself? That doesn't even make sense. The nly ne getting "millions" potentially, are the scammers.

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  • Al
      Oct 09, 2010

    WE the People tyhat have been scamed are going to take these Thieves DOWN, And for every person that has been scamed is going to be paid back, Plus extra From all these SLIME BAlls Scamers, I have been scamed several times, , and It seems to me that all these Promised letters of great intent of Moneys should be Honered By these scam artest, Oh They Have Plenty Of Your Money, , and Can Pay it all back .
    Buit we the People have to Force the the the Law of Justus and find these ###s, Take all there Money away, and Have some Honest people go through the names on there CP and start Paying people Back,
    The Millions is there, We need to get it back and Pay back the people that have been scamed, , And put those Garbage Heads Slime balls in Jail, and Close there bank account and take the m0ney back, And If they have it in cash get that too, , It's not theirs, , It's Yours and Mine, Do I have a plan ? Yes I Do, Email me and we can orgenize, A sting, I'm Alan.

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