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I Want Office Furiture [IWOF] / / Scam and fraud!

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Phone: 516-822-3110

I would like to start by saying this company has been paying it's employees off the books for years, and even the ones who are on the books are only on for less then half the amount they really make. This company has changed names so many times it is so hard for government agencies to keep track. Well it is time that they start looking at there books just to see how fraudulent they really are. How many people can robert shapiro and lewis sanchez screw all theses years. Why hasn't the IRS even looked into this. when was the last time they even filed a income tax return.lewis sanchez has not filed since 2001 and that is thanks to robert shapiro and his company or what ever he calls it theses days. I would like to see the new york child support system do there job and start making companies like this accountable for there actions, when they lie and get caught and this company has lied on more then one occasion they should be fined. this is a challenge to new york officials to look into this matter and start fixing the flaws in your system. And lets start working together with other states if a person moves from one state to another then those states should be on the same page.

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  • Th
      29th of Feb, 2008

    This company and it's owner has been full of ### for years. And for the record Robert Shapiro and Louie Sanchez are just out for themselves and they don't care who they hurt. I feel sorry for the family of Louie Sanchez but you are better off without that jerk and I will also try and help you prove that he makes more then he claims. A few phone calls to the IRS, And you should also get a private investigator to really check into all there bank accounts not just the ones they want people to see. it's all about the paper trail .
    good luck to you and your children . And like I said before you are so much better off without that [censored] in your life.

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  • Th
      20th of May, 2008

    i would like you to take this piece of information to your grave.. i have a whole different out look on life because my childhood was filled with so much disappointment and pain and i can never trust another man for the rest of my life ... if my own father my own blood could ever hurt me as much as you how could i ever trust another one again !! you caused so much destruction in our lives and you never bothered to see it you closed your eyes and ears and just kept on walking ... i would have rathered you stabbed me in my heart then watch my family my life fall apart !! NO ### theses kinda wounds NEVER HEAL ... your actions were louder then your words the i am sorry never meant ### and now you givin mommy that little bit of money is like tryin to put a band aide on cancer !! sorry that aint good enough !! you can never give me back my childhood and you dam sure aint gonna give me my family back !! god knows how much i hate you !! i hope you do to now !! you did this you could have been a better human being but you chose not to be !! this is why you must just die !!

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  • Ig
      11th of Jun, 2008

    Robert Shapiro is a snake. The man lies. Plain and simple.

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  • Rh
      12th of Sep, 2008

    I've been an customer for years. For the record, they changed the name of the company only once, from American Office Interiors originally. The name change came about when they expanded and grew their business out, which is very common for small businesses to do.

    I don't know anything about your personal problems with Mr. Sanchez so I have no right to comment about that, and I won't. I do however hope that your situation can somehow be resolved and i am sorry you are having to go through it.

    The comments about Rob Shapiro, in my opinion, are unfounded. He has always been a selfless and generous man for as long as I've known him (at least 10 years now). It angers me to see him slandered like this, especially since the whole point of your original comment has NOTHING to do with his business, other than allegations that he pays off the books...your comment as a whole seems to be a complaint about Mr. Sanchez and your relationship with him. This is a huge abuse of this website.

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  • Th
      17th of Sep, 2008

    I have worked for this company in the past and they do pay some of the employees off the books for a number of reasons. This particular person happens to be a very good friend of Mr Shapiro and they both know how to be deceptive in their business practices and in life in general. It is very disturbing to me that anyone would say it is unfortunate that this company was mentioned in this article . I am surprised more people have not made other complaints, they have been sued and threatened with legal action on more then a few occasion's.I also feel that the comments on this site are pretty much accurate if this company did not want any bad publicity then it should have followed the law and payed Mr Sanchez and others on the books .When you are the owner of a business it is your obligation to keep things on the up and up .

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  • Th
      17th of Sep, 2008

    For the record R Hennig, this company has changed names at least five times that I know of, And I am sure if people wanted that information it's public record.

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  • Bi
      4th of Oct, 2008

    Robert Shapiro and his companies, what a laugh !
    When you purchase furniture from him most of it is garbage.

    And when you try to get your money from him,
    its like a game of who's on first with a bunch of incompetent workers, who tell tall tales on why you can not reach him .

    And as far as Mr Sanchez goes, down right despicable !

    Ending on this note,

    The owner of this company is trash and it has trash working for it, what do you expect.

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  • Th
      15th of Jun, 2010

    Ooops, they did it again they changed there name and phone numbers.
    Just goes to show you the lack of integrity this company has !
    Same people running the same fraudulent company .
    Where the hell is the IRS and other enforcement agencies who
    allow this type of criminal company to exist ?
    The name again now is,
    American office interiors of Long Island
    Same address
    New phone number, 516 605 1720

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  • Ca
      14th of Jul, 2011

    Clearly the negative comments posted are out of pure anger torwards Lewis Sanchez and not the company. This company never let me down. When a business friend need furniture or the topic of furniture comes up this is the FIRST company I recommend. The comments posted against this company are solely just to get your own anger out torwards Lewis Sanchez. I am not arguing about your own personal life but clearly this is what you tried to do to bring down a successfull, put together business. This is not the answer. Your words are not going to justify anything especially while this company is overly busy and getting more and more popular.

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  • Ki
      18th of Jun, 2015

    spelling is Robert Suapiro I believe

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  • Le
      15th of Oct, 2018

    Lewis Sanchez is up to his old tricks in South Florida

    Here are his numbers: 631-987-7922 and 954-666-1800

    He is collecting payment under a company name of Office Furniture Liquidations registered under the address:

    6832 NW 29TH Ave
    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

    The company is inactive, he is fraudulently cashing checks, collecting payments for jobs he is not completing and still paying his employees under the table which are friends and relatives of his.

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  • Bi
      17th of Oct, 2018

    Lewis Sanchez AKA Dirty Sanchez is exactly that...crap smeared across your upper lip. It is not surprising to me that he is still scamming away in another state. Lewis Sanchez with any Office Furniture company spells SCAM.

    Avoid this piece of crap like the plague

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  • Bi
      8th of Nov, 2018

    Lewis has been kicked out of two separate locations by the landlord and local Sheriff within the past 6 months for not paying his rent. Just like his child support and taxes... Lewis Sanchez does not pay rent

    Dirty..Dirty Sanchez

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