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South Carolina Judge, Lawyers, and Guardian ad litem (GAL) Outright Take and Sell 86-Year-Old’s Family Property for Self-Profit

On Tuesday, April 22, 2014, 86-year-old Thelma Joyce Irving Taylor, sat in a backroom Conference Room in the Saluda Court House in Saluda, SC and watched as Judge Kathy Rushton (serving as Master/Special Referee), Attorney Christian G. Spradley (representing Moore, Taylor & Thomas, P.A. Law Firm) and Attorney Henrietta Gill (GAL) met for a “Supplemental Hearing”
they had arranged for 1:00 p.m. in order to divide up amongst themselves the money which Attorney Spradley stated that he was then holding from their selling of the 110 acres of Saluda, SC farmland that had been bought by Ms. Irving Taylor’s father, David Irving, in 1917 when he was just 19 years old. Ms. Irving Taylor, along with her two daughters, Debrah Taylor-Greene and Diethric (Taylor) Langford actually surprised this trio by traveling from Chicago, IL to be present at this short-notice given hearing. As Attorney Spradley admitted, “I didn’t make many copies of today’s documents because I didn’t think so many people would be here.”

Unbeknownst to the entire I(E)rving family, their family’s property was sold on Wednesday, March 28, 2014 – eight days after Ms.
Taylor-Greene had filed a second complaint with the Supreme Court of South Carolina Office of Disciplinary Counsel against Attorney Billy C. Coleman(who at one time was the entire I(E)rving family’s lawyer/adviser) and a first complaint against Attorney Spradley. Coleman and Spradley are both now affiliated with the Moore, Taylor & Thomas, P. A. Law Firm.

The I(E)rving family has been battling for past 10 years to keep property that is theirs in the first place. I(E)rving family members assume that Attorney Coleman, now in his 90s, just had to make a specific point to the I(E)rving family. So, Coleman had his cohorts just go ahead and sell the I(E)rving family’s property despite all of his and his cohorts’ previous illegal tactics and wrong doings.

At this so-called supplemental hearing held on April 22, 2014, Ms. Irving Taylor and her daughters saw, first-hand, the judge dismiss the court reporter. When Ms. Taylor-Greene gave protest to this sale of the I(E)rvings’ property, the judge called for security/police. And when the GAL was asked by Ms. Langford which family members she was representing, she couldn’t name one. It was Attorney Christian G. Spradley who explained to the judge very thoroughly how he had made his calculations for dividing up the money from the sale. As noted on his document, he took special effort to leave the plaintiff’s name off who got thousands of dollars, the trio (judge, lawyers, and GAL) got their part, and, surprisingly, he included three already dead members of the I(E)rving family who he intends to locate and give some money to. When Ms. Taylor-Greene informed this trio that she was, indeed, going to get some groups and organizations to come in and investigate the entire Saluda Court System, Judge Rushton pulled her aside after the hearing and asked that she please not be taken down with Coleman and the rest of his cohorts because Coleman has previously did her wrong as well. And, as the I(E)rving family was leaving the hearing, Attorney Spradley’s comment was that he’s just doing his job.

Individuals, groups, or organizations interested in helping/supporting the I(E)rving family in getting their property returned to
them and/or in investigating/exposing the illegalities of this case and/or the Saluda Court System, please leave contact information at [protected] or call Debrah Taylor-Greene or Diethric (Taylor) Langford at [protected].

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I (E) Rving Family

May 7, 2014

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