I am a person, not a companyYour website would not allow me to delete items, so I thought i, cancelled orders but obviously did not.

I intended to order (1) $4.00 dress in black, (1) HTC screen protector $1.00 and a (1) black corset $2.00 . Postage for dress was $3.00, for phone screen protector $1.00, and for corset $1.00. Marking order a total of $12.00. According to Chase Bank my account has been debited twice that amount. I surmise it was the dresses I could not remove by (X) out on order screen, nor could I (X) out a pair of jeans. I only want the 1 dress, 1 phone screen protector and 1 corset. I want the amounts debited back into my account By Monday Feb 6th. If not cancel the entire order please! If you can't correct this order DO NOT SHIP ANYTHING!!!

Feb 05, 2017

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