Hyundai-SonataCar spontaneous combustion

I bought a Sonata 8 from Hyundai dealer in China nanchang city dealer in Jan. 2013. Which just driving around 15000km distance. It was self ignition on 27/01/2015, which made me very sad, as i never thought this car could get burned without any outter reason.
When it burned, i called assurance, the 4S dealer and police, and also called the Hyundai customer service, who always told me they had apply my question to factory, and asked me to keep waiting the feedback. at the end i got news from the dealer the factory will send people to us after one week.
We all know the car got burned is a very serious problem, why they took over one week to meet us for this accident? Or Hyundai thinks they are too big company to care such little thing?
How our cusotmers can get our own right to stand ourselves?


Jan 31, 2015

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