Hyundai Heidelberg / i20 Registration

1 Heidelberg, ZA
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On 20/12/2016 I took delivery of a brand new Hyundai i20 from Heidelberg Hyundai and traded in my Chevrolet utility, this vehicle has brought nothing but problems and financial constraints. I was required to pay an additional R5000.00 as a deposit for the vehicle which I did by a form of an EFT but was advised a week later by the dealership that they did not receive payment and I was already in possession of the vehicle. The vehicle was not registered by then and still is not registered by the dealership on my behalf. I have suffered a great deal financially as my job requires travelling and get paid for travelling to various branches of my employer and as such was unable to execute my day to day duties. I have tried numerously to reach an amicable solution with the dealership but all my efforts are in vain. I went as far as trying to make an arrangement with the dealership to pay the R5000.00 in 2 equal instalments yet they have refused. The vehicle in question is parked at home gathering dust and not serving the purpose it was intended for because it is not registered. i request that the dealership agree to a payment arrangement and register this vehicle on my behalf.

Mar 28, 2017

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