Hyundai Brackenfell BranchCar sold to us and the branch never told me that the car was in an accident after i ask if it was in an accident.

We purchase a Toyota Auris from the Hyundai branch in Brackenfell. I actually ask the sales man Denver if the car was in any accident and was informed it was not. The Saturday when we collect the car the salesman inform my wife that he will get someone the Monday to cut the spare key at her place of work. The Monday came and nothing happen. We inform the dealer that there are a few things on the car that must be fixed and they promise they will come and collect the car and give my wife a loaner, that never happen. Three weeks later the dealer phone my wife that she must bring back the car due to the fact that they must take to car over the pit to be roadworthy (car was sold to us not roadworthy) and that never happen. The dealer principal said that my wife must bring the car so that they must inspect the car, when she arrive there the Saturday, George the dealer principal was not there, he left it for another manager to inspect which he never did but was informed that they will sort it out the Monday. My wife inform them that she gave them time till Monday 12h00 to phone her and sort this out, that never happen. Monday 12h00 my wife drop the car at Hyundai Brackenfell and since then nothing happen. The dealer principal send us an email threatening us that they will tow the car away and place it in storage for our account. Since the car is back with Hyundai now for 3 weeks nothing has happen. We report them to MIOSA and try to cancel the account with the back but Hyundai refuse to cancel it. We have all the communication between the bank, Hyundai and MIOSA. How can be pay for something that we don't have.

May 08, 2017

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