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Re: Unsatisfactory service

I purchased a Hyundai i10 1.1 Motion manual, 2015 model from the Hatfield branch. I paid cash.
I received the vehicle on the 23rd of June 2016. Mileage 26944 km.
The boot was without the piece that ensures that the content in the boot is not visible
and I was promised that I will receive one. On my way home, I also discovered that
the sun visor the passenger side was missing. I immediately upon arrival at home,
reported this to the sales person at Hyundai Hatfield, who promised that one will be

During the holidays there after, I am a teacher, I didn’t worry too much about it, but
kept on reminding the sales person about the missing sun visor and boot
On the 15th of July I received my registration papers from the above mentioned
sales person at the Hyundai Wonderboom branch, since it close to where I reside
and more convenient. I received the registration papers but not the goods as

Then the manager of the Wonderboom branch intervened upon my request. Since
school started on the 19th of July and I didn’t have the time to pursue the matter.

The manager of the Hatfield branch was quite surprised about the matter –since he
was not aware of the poor service rendered.
As a result I received the required goods on Thursday the 4th of August at the
Wonderboom branch.

However, since I’ve been driving the car to school and back from the 19th of July
(driving 24 km per day to and from school) I noticed a strange sound coming from
the front part of the car.
Upon consultation and after the car was inspected on Saturday the 6th of August, I
was informed that both the back tyres have a “flat spot”, and that I was to book the
car in to make sure that it was indeed the problem. I phoned the Hyundai branch
several times on Saturday, but the phone wasn’t answered.

I Phoned Hyundai, Hatfield agin on Monday the 8th on August and was promised by
the manager that I will be contacted this morning in order to fetch my car from
school, where it will be taken to the Hatfield branch and returned tome at 14h00,
since I need to get home. If there was something wrong that required for the car to
be kept longer I would be supplied with a car until mine is fixed.

It is now11:09 and NOTHING has happened at all.

This is totally unaccepted, since I did only a 1000 kilometres up until now. How
do the tyres get a flat spot or perhaps any “other problem “ after such low
kilometres? It makes one wonder if Hyundai’s 125 check point is trustworthy.
One relies on the validity thereof, since purchasing a second hand vehicle is always
a risk. Especially since I am single, 51 years old, a teacher and saved the money
to buy a car that must last me indefinitely . .

I am so satisfied with the Hyundai i10 and was so relieved when I purchased it,
thinking that it’s reliable because it’s almost brand new. Was at peace, since I teach
in town and often have to drive there at night. Now I lost all my confidence in the
Upon legal advice I have the right to return the vehicle within 3 months and claim my
money back, which I am hesitant to pursue.

Aug 10, 2016
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  • Ri
      Aug 10, 2016

    The complainant is EC Waldeck: Contact details - 084 301 3062
    What the dealership is doing to her is rediculious

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