hydrolyze / ripoff

1 VA, United States

What a ripoff and a hugely expensive one at that. The so-called "free" trial is not free at all as they ship two containers of the product and then bill you a month later, even after you have repeatedly canceled future shipments. An affiliate company, Urban Nutrition, sends coupons in the order for "free" samples (NO BILLING) and I made the mistake of ordering "Venacura" andthe invoice enclosed with the order indicated $0.00 due. However, two months later, a charge shows up on my credit card. I contacted the company five times by email, and finally received a ridiculous response (and I quote):
"...If you did not receive it, contact the USPS, maybe someone took the package, tampering with the U.S. Mail is a federal offense. I strongly advise you follow up with them. "
Notice they did not respond as to why I was billed for a FREE sample, no future orders shipped or received.
Of course, after more corresondence, someone finally advised that they have "no record of any free item" - how convenient when it came from THEIR catalog! Oh and Hydrolyze absolutely does NOTHING to improve dark circles, wrinkles, etc. - wonder how much the people who give (fake) testimonials are paid.

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