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I made a purchase of eye cream and than cancelled before recieving product. I was told to not open and return. Without my knowledge or authorization their partners in crime started charging my credit card for products and services without my consent or knowledge.

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  • Mr
      Aug 31, 2012

    I had the same thing happen to me. I remember initially when I ordered the hydrolyze, they asked me for my credit card number multiple times (4) and I thought it was a little odd that any legitimate company would need to repeatedly ask that. I ended up sedning the product back without opening it as I was told to do and I thought everything was cool. They assured me my money would be refunded and I wouldnt be charged anymore. 4 months later I found out that not only had they not given me the money back for my inital order (22.95), they had signed me up for three additional services that i did not ask for (THIS MUST BE WHY THEY ASKED FOR THE CREDIT CARD NUMBER 4 TIMES). The unauthorized charges totaled $252.61. The names of the three services were shoppers advantage(21.95), WC savings (29.95) and great fun (19.99). I confronted Hydrolyze about this and the rep I talked to said "Oh yeah, it looks like we didn't refund the money. I'll have to check with my supervisor to see if we can still refund it. It will take 3-5 business days." "We do have third party services but the three you mentioned don't ring a bell." -Tim Ext 782 ( customer service representative/Grade A douchebag and a half). I had to get my credit card company to dispute the charges for me. Long story short, DONT EVER DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE!!! And if you do, check your credit card statement IMMEDIATELY for additional services and/or unauthorized charges.

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  • An
      Oct 23, 2012

    The company you were called from was infact not hydrolyze. It is a marketing company that Hydrolyze sold your information to in order to market you. They will tell you that "They are contracted by hydrolyze to confirm your order & insure accuracy." aka Order Confirmation Department. Basically what they do is they call your number, confirm they are talking to the person that made the purchase and proceed to go on with their marketing.

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  • Ma
      Feb 12, 2016

    Afternoon team

    I am writing to complain about your on line ordering..

    I put my name down for a "free tiral" of the Hydrolze eye cream. There was a a transaction of $2.82 that came out of my account on 29/12/15, which included foreign currency amount. Code: 028-073-0576. I HAVE NEVER RECEIVED THIS 'FREE SAMPLE". When I was looking at my bank account this week I noticed another transaction on the 11/12/16 with the same code & HYD*TRYHROLYZE.COM for $101.20. When I saw this I rang your 1800 number & spoke to a female staff member, when I said to her that I had never received the free sample so why was your company charging me this massive amount. I DID NOT GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO TO SO!! She asked me my name & address & said that she had someone with my name but not the address which I had given for the free trial to be sent to.

    I was so annoyed about this. Then I noticed on the 12/02/16 the very next day another transaction had been taken out of my account once again, for $101.43 same number sequence though the name reads HYD*Bellapex.

    As I have NOT agreed for you to take all this money & I have absolutey nothing to show for it I need TO CANCEL THIS & HAVE THIS MONEY PLACED BACK INTO MY ACCOUNT. OR SEND ME A CHEQUE AS I HAVE CLOSED THIS ACCOUNT DOWN NOW!

    My phone number is: 0411 442389 (Aust). I have been quite unwell over the past 6 months & have had to give up work so I desperately need to have these funds returned to my account, in order for me to pay my daily living expenses.

    Hoping to hear from you with 7 days or further action will need to be taken. I can't give you an invoice number/photos as I have mentioned I didn't receive anything.

    Many thanks Kate Hickey.

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