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The product was ordered from a tv ad. the product was to be mailed but would not be charged to your account if returned before the 31of the month.I returned the product In the middle or the month all I was to pay was 7.95 to be charged to my credit card.they would not take a electronic check or a debit card only a credit card.I see now that was so they could charge for postage and the productt also they also said the would send a beauty book free.After returning the package I was charged for the product and 59.65+ 7.95 for postage 24.95 for beauty book two charges for 1.50 ea they said for beauty advice I should have been charged only for the postage. Thet ony give you a ship from address, which is where I returned the package, with a returned receipt requested.After trying to contact them by phone with no answer just music playing for three hrs.I called my cc, company and she tried to get them while I was still on the phone with the same result that I had.After hanging up my mail was delivered and they had sent anothjer package I have also returned it and informed my cc company not to take anymore charges from them.I am very angry because I am a senior citizen and have a fixed income and they have just cut down the amount of one of my checks. I think they should change the name of the company to HIDE YOUR LIES.

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