Hydrolyze Eye Cream / Part of scam?

1 PO Box 9300, Jersey, NJ, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 800-672-2259

I am being charged $1.95 / month by this company and another $1.95 by Pro FunSource Monthly for services I have no idea about. I suspect it's related to a "free" subscription for Hydrolyze cream. While ordering the free trial for this under-eye cream the recorded message bombarded me with offers for about six other products I had no interest in and one that came with a "free" $80 gift card for either Targets or Walgreens. I believe I said yes to that offer but it had nothing to do with the products offered by these companies - bicycle lights, is just one example I can remember from their website. THIS IS A SCAM to separate us from our money a little at time like my two $1.95 charges that they probably hoped would go unnoticed for many more months - or $19.95 a month like I see on some other complaints. The company should be put out of business asap because their only "service" is to make people cynical about ordering products over the phone. I might have considered keeping the Hydrolize subscription if it did, indeed, work to remove the bags under my eyes, but now I consider them part and parcel of one big scam and I am cancelling that order today. STAY AWAY FROM PRO VALUE, PRO FUN, AND HYDROLIZE - IT'S NOTHING BUT A SCAM!

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