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Hydratek Manufacturing / If you buy from them you will regret it!

1 United States Review updated:

Do not ever buy anything from this company! We bought a well drilling machine from this company for 6000.00. We were told they were 30 days backlogged so we waited a month. I then called again and the lady I talked to said she'd call me back to let me know what was going on.

Never got a call back and another month went by and I called back and the same woman I spoke to said she’d call me back and she promised and never did. Every time I would call no one would answer. I waited one more month and it was August now and we ordered back in April.

So, finally on August 1st I called and cancelled for a full refund and they faxed me a refund form to fill out that said they had 14 days to get us our money back. Fourteen days went by and still no money. So, I called, and called and called and most the time no answer or answering machine and finally I got a hold of the woman 'Corrina' and she said that she had to have her boss approve it and it would be in my account that day. It of course wasn't in it so I called up the next day and she said she didn't know when I would get my money and then hung up on me. After that I was not able to get a hold of them at all.

I contacted better business bureau and they sent them a letter and no response. I contacted the attorney general of Oregon and they sent a letter and got no response. I then contacted our local sheriff (here in Montana) and he called them and the guy that owns the company 'Scott' said he would get his paper work in order and then call the sheriff back. He never called him back and the sheriff then could not get hold of him. The Sheriff then gave it to our detective and he contacted their local detective.

This all took from April to December and when their detective finally got the wheels in motion he got a warrant to pick the guy up. The detective did go on to tell me that he has done this to several other people and that several of them were able to get their money back. So, the same day the guy got picked up and called me right away and said that he didn't know what was going on and that his paper work was all messed up but that he would make it right and he would go to the bank and send me a cashiers check certified express mail.

I received the money two days later and it was good and we finally got our money back right before Christmas. Even if you don't read the above or it was too long or Boring Just Know this that if you buy from them you will REGRET it!!! By the way the guy still has his site up and is still selling machines so BE WARE!


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  • Ti
      15th of Aug, 2008
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    Today I finally got Scott on the phnoe and to my suprise he sounded very much like a gentleman. He, Scott finanlly aggred that there is a problem of communication between his company and their clients. I first orded my equipment in September 2007 and paid in full, from then on I was in constant contact with them through Corina who happens to be answering the phone. She gave me several promises which was never fulfill by there company. Today August 15 2008 Scott called me and we king of had a gentleman aggrement for them to ship me my equipment and I will drop all online postings.
    Today I heard and think Scott sounded really hornest and sincere and he will be respecting his promise just as I also promise him. They may have been having lots of issues but as we both understood each today we will be resolving this issue amicably.
    This is a new beggining for both of us and we are trying on working it out.

  • Ma
      27th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    I am from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, East Africa. I ordered a Water Drilling Machine from Hydratek through a Bank loan for US$ 10, 000 and was paid them in full in March 2007 by my Bankers.

    I wanted to alleviate water shortage on the drought stricken areas of my country as well as to create some jobs for our youths by using the unit for drilling water wells.

    With a lot of Emails exchange the Drill was not sent until November 2007 despite of assistance from ODJ. Again the Drill arrived with a lot of parts missing & could not be assembled.

    With an assistance from a friend in a Legal firm in the U.S. It took them up to April 2008 to get some of the missing parts to me. Even then some major parts paid for as part of the Drill i.e. Drill Bits were not sent & have not been sent to me until now.

    On operating the Drill the Water Swivel leaked on the first day of drilling and the Mud Pump broke down on the second day of drilling.

    I do not know even how I can replace the leaking Water Swivel or any part of the Drill to make it work. I am at present in a very difficult situation regarding payment of my Bank loan and how to make the Drill work.

  • Ma
      1st of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    I want to add my experience with this company to the discussion. I ordered a drilling machine from this company. When I ordered I was told that there was a backlog and there would be a six week delay. I paid for the unit when I placed the order. It took about 10 weeks for me to get my drilling machine. Everything is as advertised.

  • Da
      3rd of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    I purchased a drill rig from these clowns. They are difficult to communicate with because they won't answer the phone. I had a drill bit fail so I called and finally got someone to answer, Corina said they would send a new bit and pin as it broke also, she suggested a rock bit so I bought one. When the bit showed up the original bit was not with the new bit as promised also no pin. I started drilling with the new bit and the pump failed as the pump seal was leaking and the swivel was leaking so now I had to stop drilling. I called again and Corina said she would get the seals to me as soon as they were available. After several weeks still not able to use the equipment I started looking for parts myself and found the seal for the pump, once delivered I changed the seal and the pump worked again, swivel still leaking. I questioned the warranty for these parts and was told since they are waring parts they were not covered, still didn't get the bit or pin promised. I complained to BBB and got a call from Scott who said he cancelled the parts order and did not charge me for them, yes I agreed to pay for the parts as I needed to get drilling. This company has poor customer service, no warrantys, bad communication, I would not recommend anyone purchase from them, this company sold the rig to me via E-Bay. Still have not drilled as it is now winter and the ground is freezing.

  • Fl
      21st of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    I ordered a well drilling machine in October 2008. Something quite similar happened to me: Months went by, promises were made and not kept. My credit card company got the money back. If this happens to you and you paid by credit card, check to see how long you have to dispute the charge (there is a time limit), and contact your credit card company.

    I'm glad to hear that at least one person had a good experience. I just wonder how long it will take for this company to either get it together or go bankrupt.

  • Bo
      6th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    thanks god, i was about to buy the drill VTX 600in which should cost me usd 10, 000 + but for a six month i was dought in this compay the way they operate and i was about to travel to USA for this couse, thanks god the internate i came across this page talk about hydratek, i wii never go there
    mr slim

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