HydralieHydralie ageless moisturizer

I ordered a $4.99 trial product on 4-25 that promises reducing of fine lines and wrinkles in a short period of time (they claim sometimes even in hours)! They even have famous women (Ellen, Oprah...) advertise for it... ALL FRAUD!! You can find the same exact testimonies for other products.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Nahant, MAOnce I ordered the trial size I suddenly ended up with an order for an eye cream as well, which I never ordered or authorized!!
I called the number to cancel that, got someone on the phone and it took me a couple of minutes in which the lady on the phone was still trying to sell me the product and offer me deals to finally get it cancelled! I asked for a confirmation email and she said she couldn't provide that!! Luckily the same moment it came into my mailbox!
Today I cancelled the order of the moisturizer (within my trial time) and had the same experience. The more I insisted to please cancel my order bc I feel like it doesn't do anything (looking at the ingredients I would actually be surprised if it would do anything... I'm an Esthetician and physician and know what I am talking about!) the more unfriendly the customer service representative became! At least she cancelled it and I got a confirmation email. But I will definitely check my credit card account as I don't trust them. This product is not working and their business methods are quite irritating. If you don't read the fine print they will trick you into a monthly subscription!!! Be aware!!!
Hope that helps.

May 09, 2017

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