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Hyderabad State Auto Rickshwas / Auto Drivers Sexual remarks to Passengers

1 India Review updated:

This is to highlight the increasing abusive behavior of the auto drivers in hyderabad who are becoming a menace in this city to all passengers especially to the women. It has now become a modest operandi of them to mint money from the passengers as per their wims & fancies & that they feel that people are indebted to them for the service. I am sure that many of the readers of this article have witnessed being duped, humiliated, & ran into arguments with such ridiculous behaviors of autowalas.

They pass lude remarks at female passenegrs irrespective of their age & these incidents are happening at every nook & corner of the city.They constantly peep into the rear view mirror & stare at the passenger(if it is a female passenger) & give a dirty look every now & then & while the payment is done they make sure that thier eyes are glued to various parts of the body.It is impoosible that such dattardly acts should be allowed in public.

This one happens everyday; every autowala has now teamed up with each other & demand nothing less than 50-80 rupees for a mere distance of 5-7 kilometers. For instance, traveling from Abids to himayat nagar which is not more than 3-3.5 kilometer & with a minimal charge of about 15-20 rupees the autos charge nothing less than 50 rupees & will not budge at all even is the passenger is in urgent need. When questioned on this they say “either you pay or a take another auto.” They even abuse the passenger & are ready to pick up a fight without any justification

I hope this complaint is viewed and something should be seriously done by the concerned law authoritites.

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  • Si
      25th of Apr, 2008
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    Even we rae facing the same problem from paradise to marredpally. It doesnt cost Rs:20. But these people are asking Rs:30 or 40. Please take some action

  • Pr
      18th of May, 2008
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    Its the same problem every where. They would charge 50 rs from Greenlands to Hyd. Central. i would like to ask the Auto union that if this is the way the auto's are going to work its better that the stop working.

    I suggest having a site or a forum to note a list of all these auto drivers/ auto numbers and then handover a list to the police and the union regarding this issues. Let me know if you all feel the same and we should try and escalate this issue.

    Also, I would also like to know who takes action on the complaints on this forum.


  • Ro
      5th of Jun, 2008
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    The Hyderabadi autowallas - all are cheats - all of them deserve to be shot dead in full public view. ### !!

    Go to any railway station Nampally or Secunderabad or Kachiguda - and find me a single auto who honestly plys by the meter - and I promise to shave off half of my moustache.

    The Hyderabadi police - no doubt they are equal counterparts in crime - no doubt they are extracting commision from such autowallas and hence no action is ever taken by police.

    Don't the HARAMEE MAADARCHOD policewallas know about all this ? They definitely do, but will keep a blind eye towards this menace till their pockets are full.

    These policewallas - they are buyable for 50/-, give 100/- and he will sell his wife, 200/- for his sister and 500/- for his mother.

  • Ku
      27th of Oct, 2008
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    Autos should be completely stopped in the city forever, they are the source of traffic jams as they move always in wrong direction
    Autos move with speed of 60 to 80 sometimes in busy streets heavy traffic
    Auto becoming the best way of committing crimes in city by auto driver
    Crimes is continuously increasing in the city and auto drivers are committing most of the crimes in the city.

    Adding an incident as a proof of the stupid service of Hyderabad Police and government authorities of hyderabad.
    Police and government authorities are fueling the autos and auto drivers by allowing them to run autos illegally.

    Most of the auto drivers
    Doesn't have permission to run auto
    No license
    No registration
    No proper meter

    and they are committing crime in hyderabad everyday infront of police.
    they take wrong turn in front of the traffic police on signals
    not just auto but traffic police should be monitored for their service specially on traffic signals

    Only government transport service should be there in the city for safety and security like
    Govt can run small vehicles like seven seaters which will increase the employment and stop the crimes of current autos and auto drivers

    This is an actual incident that has taken place yesterday in the life with the wife of my close friend, both working for an IT firm in DLF Building near IIIT, Gachibowli, Hyderabad.

    My friend's wife came out of her office as usual at around 7: 30 PM and
    stopped an auto for a shared ride to Kothaguda (Near Kondapur). There
    were already three guys in the auto. The auto driver asked one of the
    guys to come to front to sit next to him (This is how we share autos
    daily in Hyderabad) . So she sat into her seat.

    Everything was fine till the auto reached Anjaiah Nagar Jn.
    Suddenly, One of the other two guys sitting at the back seat asked the
    auto driver to drop him at the Botanical gardens, which are at a half
    kilo meter from the junction to the left and offered him to pay five
    rupees extra for that.

    The auto driver said OK, exactly when, that lady asked, unknowingly, as
    to why the auto is going this way, who informed her of the reason.
    She said OK, but was a little skeptical. No sooner did the guy get down

    from the auto and go into the garden, the auto driver, instead of taking

    a U turn speeded his vehicle further in the same direction. When she was

    asking the driver regarding this, the other guy sitting next to her

    threw some white powder, on her face, which she could cover, just - in -

    time with her chunni and pushed that guy away.

    Now the other guy, who was sitting next to the auto driver, came to the

    back seat, even when the auto was in running and started to hold that

    girl's hand while the other guy caught hold of her bag.

    Then she started shouting loudly and then gained all her strengths and

    pushed one guy back and jumped out of the auto. Her both hands were

    scratched, one of her hands fractured, as she jumped from an auto which
    was going at speed, not less than 50 - 60 KM per hour on a kacha road.

    She ran along the same road in the opposite direction. However, she
    could not manage to get her bag as the other guy (not the one she hit)
    took her bag which had her mobile.

    There was no light any where around. The autowala and his gang have gone
    with the bag.
    It had a new Nokia N 73 mobile, one thousand rupees cash and her credit

    There was another family coming in a car, whom she actually stopped.
    They asked her to get in and took her first to the first aid centre at
    Kothaguda (apollo clinic) and then called her husband and handed over to

    The couple went and informed police and also the company's security
    officer-in-charge. My friend called me in the morning and informed me of
    the same and asked to warn all ladies and gents against such problems

    We should, however, appreciate her for her bravery and timely response
    in avoiding the white powder (likely to be some anasthetic) and jump of
    the auto.
    I request all of you to be careful about all such problems.
    Be brave. Try to go home in group. IF you are late take your colleague’s help..N..Take care….

  • Ar
      14th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    I strongly agree that autos shud be completely stopped in the city, They are complete ### born out of randis who dont knw who their fathers are.

    Yesterday an autowalla invited my friend and me to sit in it and when we did he actually wanted 4 ppl to sit behind both ladies and gents which is quite not acceptable. so we tried to get down. then he begged us to sit again and when we sat he abused us and forced us out seeing which the other auto-wallas came around saying time pass. It was a very embarrising for both of us since we were not there for a time pass but i had asked my male frined to accompany me for my protection because I knew I'am going to have truoble travelling alone and I have always had trouble going out alone.

    I strongly suggest that there be some measure that should be taken to keep autowalls mence down else i must say they are going to bring down the eniter's India's transportaion in such a way that the world would look at us like cheap dogs..

    Bloody cheap dogs, ###, guttar ki paidaish, gandi naali ke keede saale muka mile to maa to bhi chuda dale, aise kamine hote hai yeh autowalle.

  • As
      3rd of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    It s really a sad thing that people keep keying in this complaint boards and hardly any measure is taken by anyone to resolve all these issue... these bloody auto drivers take us for a ride in every damn way possible

  • Sh
      14th of Mar, 2011
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    Today I came from Mehdipatnam to Madhapur via Kothaguda cross road, but the autorickshaw driver misbehaved while dropping, as his meter was not working properly and he charged more than 600 Rs instead agreed. I want strict action against this guy. His auto No is AP-09---K-3739. If you need any reference, You will directly get call from PMO office New Delhi.

  • Sh
      14th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    Today I came from Mehdipatnam to Madhapur via Kothaguda Cross Signal. But the auto driver charged around 600 and when I raised my voice for saying that your meter is not working, he misbehaved and caught hold of my hand. If required you can get call from the PMO office, I need strict action against this guy. His Auto AP-09--K-3739.

  • Pp
      21st of Feb, 2013
    0 Votes

    This has to change. Auto wallas are taking things for granted. They are parking their vehicles on the left side of the road obstructing the way for people who have to take left. When asked about, they are either abusing or threatening. This seems to be the case in gachibowli around IT companies. Auto wallas have to be taught a lesson. Whether it is about charging their wish (not going thru meter) or misbehaving with women passengers or charging exorbitant charges to the tourists or driving rude or mistreating guests of hyderabad in the most ruthless manner or parking their vehicles wherever they want by obstructing the way for others or hitting other vehicles and passing by without even thinking about the damage made.

    First of all, the passengers should not be silent when the auto wallas when they are doing anything as specified above. Next, the passengers have to check for other options for transportation so that auto wallas understand the pain.

  • Ch
      5th of Mar, 2013
    +1 Votes

    Guys i am seeing a lot of complaints but is there any action taken upon. I am really wondering, is there any site where we can register our complaint’s and they take it seriously. The current situation is local police and the auto wala’s are all involved and i do not think any action would be taken upon them.
    i am travelling from Miyapur to Hitec city daily and i can see that a lot of autowala’s fill up passengers beyond their limit, even the traffic police look and does not respond, but they were good in giving paper statements that they should not encourage. But the reality is that these people would be paid in advance which i confirmed from one of the autowala. They would be issues a token of 100./Rs which they can show for the rest of the day. How can a auto wala dared to do such thing without the backups...
    They drive very rash and they always would quarrel and they abuse you and they know people cannot do anything as the least they can do is go to a cop nearby and tell him.
    I am very sick with these guys not only they cause in convenience to people but also they put the risk of the passengers.
    I got a photo of the auto # which had hit my bike and escaped, but I cannot do anything rather show my frustration in this post.
    Will this impact him nope… will this change the future nope…
    Then why the hell I am writing the post… to show my frustration on myself that I cannot do anything….

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