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Hutchison 3G UK Limited / Unfair response and allegation

1 london, England, Greater London, United Kingdom Review updated:
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Phone: 07882950653

Acutally i want to cancel my contract which was due. I call the help line three time but they didn't, in last one of ugly guy force me to take the new handset free and cooling period to cancel it again if dont like. I recievd the handset i didnt like i call the cancellation team and request them to cancel it they was asking some tricky question and once she said, we cant take it back and we cant able to cancel the contract. i said why? she said you use the hand set. i replied so many times that i didnt. she said no you used it. I asked to her its not matter to arguing, you should take to any techinacal guy of your company he will check the hand set and let to decide . But amazaingly she was repeating the same words no you use no you use no you use. I am telling every one plz dont go for the 3G company its ridicoulus. plz they are completly fake and just to trap the customer.

can any body tell me where i need to complain against this. other wise i want to sue them.

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  • Nb
      1st of Jun, 2009
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    I have problems with them too . They are really rubish, bad service customer service staff keep saying same thing over and over to make to spend money over the phone . I use mobile broadband and over charged me all the time and plus I top up and not able to go on to internet but they told me I spend it !!! They are just scamming people someone has to do something about it .

  • Wo
      23rd of Jun, 2009
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    I am also a victim of 3 with terrible network coverage and they refuse to cancel my 18 month contract.

    Am urging everyone to e-mail BBC's Watchdog to start a campaign to make this crooked behaviour illegal for all phone companies.

    If you don't get the service, they have no right to charge!

  • 12
      4th of Mar, 2010
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    ive had years of complete and utter lies, no person listens keep repeeting the same garbage.hours spent on phone trying the so called help teams, listening to sanskrit english while my blood reaches boiling point. till at end contract took help from ofcom. sorted/ now with tesco upto now refreshing change. at moment on 1/2 hour to now call to three for unlock code ? as this is my phone bloody cheeky rats. mind you orange are as bad, lie about the way the contract can be used, once locked in god help you same garbo english, phone stuck to a lughole while the stinking music slowly makes you want to kill the artist. comment by 12 bore

  • Uk
      20th of Apr, 2012
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    I have been with Three since 2003 and in October 2010 I was upgraded to the One Plan. However, they offered me a HTC Wildfire, which constantly froze and went into repair three times. The latter time was the last straw. I sent it in for repair in August 2011 and they managed to loose it on their repair line.

    I complained on numerous occasions and it fell on deaf ears. I finally complained to the Executive Office, who gave me a Samsung Galaxy W in December, by which time I was totally fed up and had complained to the Ombudsman. In February, the Ombudsman made a final decision in my favour and awarded me a new phone, a letter of apology and £40 compensation.

    Three reluctantlyy agreed to this and on the same day as confirming that they would not challenge the decision, they wrote to me saying they were terminating my account ang gave me 30 days notice. I complained to the Ombudsman but he said he was powerless to do anything. Three have now terminated my account.

    So watch out, if you are successful in securing a victory against Three, they will terminate your account

    The matter has got even worse! Due to the problems which I had with Three, they had given me some credit on my account. Furthermore, the £40 compensation awarded by the Ombudsman was also credited to my account. At the time my account was terminated, i told three that I wanted the credit sent to my bank account. They agreed and said the payment team would be arranging this. Three weeks later, I am now told that they will not be giving me the money as it was a credit from Three and not paid directly from my bank account. This also includes the £40 compensation awarded by the regulator! Surely this can not right. I am writing to the parent company and the press today

  • St
      25th of Jan, 2013
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    I recently signed up to a 1 month rolling 3G contract whilst working away. When I phoned up to cancel it, I had horrendous problems. The first call lasted 35 minutes and I was put through to several people all with terrible English accents that I couldn't understand very well. After being given a lot of sales talk that again I could not understand, I could tell that no one wanted to cancel my contract and so I got firm with the woman I was talking to and told her to just cancel my contract. She agreed, however I could tell something was wrong as she refused to give me any cancellation reference and was acting oddly. A week later I rang again to confirm that my contract had been cancelled and was told it had been upgraded. I was then pushed around to several different Indians. In the end I just hung up.

    This is totally unacceptable behavior and downright fraud. I have sent emails of complaint but I have not heard anything back.

    Today, I was speaking to my Sister (who I don't see that often) and she told me that she experienced the same when she phoned to cancel her contract. She was messed around by the Indian call centre staff and instead of cancelling it they extended it. She was extremely stressed out about it at the time as I am now. We have our lives to lead and why should we have to spend hours and hours trying to do something straightforward and to which we are entitled?

    Also, we all know that all mobile companies will automatically trash your credit rating when you refuse to pay or you stop your direct debit.

    This practise has to stop. If any other company behaved like this they would be in the dock on charges of fraud.

    For this to have happened to both myself and sister shows it must be rife. If anyone has any advice or is able to do something to bring Three to justice, I would be grateful to hear from you.

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