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Hutch Postpaid / GPRS connection not working, charged in Bill and no response

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Re: Hutch Postpaid

1. i am Hutch customer, using mobile number [protected] since march2007. I am a retired senior citizen of Delhi, and on my behalf my son, has done most of the communication and running around, but of no use because of the indifferent attitude at various levels. The occurrence of events date and time wise are as follows:

(a) The credit limit of this phone was rs800 and during apr2007 (first month use), without giving sufficient time and immediately after telephonic intimation, the services were cut. I would like to submit that my one son is at Australia and daughter at US. Younger son, is an Army officer, so the STD calls were made. On such arrogant attitude, though the payment was made immediately on the weekend, my son approached your Dwarka service center, and asked for enhancement of credit limit, however till date no action has been done. I am forced to make ISD calls from outside to my kids (and Hutch connection is normally being utilized for local calls only). The reasons for not enhancing have not been clarified and intimated. I do not earn monthly income as i am retired and so do not hold a Credit card, and neither i am eager to use it or share with Hutch.Unfortunately, lot of my details were given by Hutch to various outside agencies/call centers who approached me for loans/cards/accounts/investments.

(b) I was given information of using GPRS connection thru your service of Planet Hutch. I have subscribed to it and the setting sent by Hutch in response to my SMS of PH to 123.However i could not utilize, i.e. browse or download anything till 19Jun2007. The issue became unbearable when i was charged Rs39 for utilizing Planet Hutch,in my bill from 11may2007 to 10jun2007. To correct the above aberration, i made the following efforts:-

(i) I called [protected], from 2225 to 2230h on 19jun2007. I spoke to KRIPA. I was told to delete my access point settings, and get fresh settings. This was done immediately, but of no use.

(ii) I called [protected] at 2255h on 19jun2007. I spoke to VINAYAK. He advised me to switch of the mobile and take out the simcard for 10 minutes, the connection should work without problems. The instructions were followed but of no use.

(iii) I called up 111 around 2305h on 19 jun07 and spoke to DEV. I was advised to again delete the settings and get confirmation, after 10 minutes and call up. The request to give a complaint token number was rejected right away.

(iv) I called up 111 at 2325h on 19jun07 and spoke to PRADEEP. I was told that that the server is undergoing maintenance or is being upgraded so call up again. The arrogance and indifferent attitude is really a black mark on the reputation of an esteemed organization like Hutch.

(v) I called up 11 at 2345h on 19jun07 and spoke to PAWAN. After such a long wait and innumerous calls, this person told me to delete all settings and the he SMS'd me the proper setting for nokia 6600 (the phone which i am using for last 2 years plus). My request no [protected] was also taken,and also a complaint token number [protected] was given. I also received a SMS that the action taken to correct the problem will be done by 1800h on 21jun07.
(vi) Till 1800h 22jun07 noone contacted me on telephone or personally(I just stay at a kilometer distance from your Dwarka service center). Also as per the instruction given on the envelope of the Bills,I wanted to contact your Hutch nodal officer, GURPREET RAWAL, on [protected], and called up at least 10 times on 20jun07 and 21jun07, but either the call was not attended or it was rejected by the mobile number user.On your website the officer's name is something else... sanjoy. Who is correct person is difficult to know. I must request you to take appropriate action action against such incompetent officer. I do understand the busy schedule but he/she could have given a return call. (I am endorsing this email to him/her also, without expecting any action).

(vii) I approached Dwarka service center was all information shared with you as written above. Everyone is trying to make me believe that planet hutch does not provide this and this, but what does it charge for is not clear. In clear words i am able to connect to internet (i.e. G with a square does crop up, but the webpage doe not show). As per the the persons, i am being charged for dialing and not browsing/downloading, which is totally incorrect interpretation. A demo of this was shown to VARUN and SACHIN at Dwarka service center. As a good gesture rs39 charged in my bill was waived of, but what about future use. I have also been told that i can access on a few WAP pages. However i would also like to share i have been using GPRS connection with rs199 rental for unlimited use, for last one year or son in all over India. With PH i am not able to utilize my mobile either a browsing net or as a modem for PC.

People beware!!!

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  • Ni
      18th of Feb, 2007
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    Hutch Postpaid - Irregular and poor service with no Feedback from their side

    I have been using Hutch postpaid connection sine March 2006. In spite of activating New connection in 3 working days time, I was unable to used the service for 7 working days. The problems does not stop, I purchase the New sim cards it was suppose to start within 2hours but did not start before 2working days.
    I join the family Plan within that one of the user in our plan has to pay regional roaming Rs 49 every months despite of telling them about the issue.

    Recently my sim cards got damaged (not water damaged nor physical damaged)..It was not my mistake of damaged of Sim cards. As a employee I was not able to get my clients on phone and lost many business opportunities... Hence I conved the same to them regarding the lost business opportunity. They gave me a assurance that they will contact me. But in 2months period of time I have not received their call talking and getting feedback from me.

    It is such negligence from their side...

  • Ve
      2nd of Mar, 2007
    0 Votes

    I find the Hutch telephonic customer care service is pathetic. It has taken me over 30 mins to even get to an operator, and when I finally did so, they kept putting me on to a concerned person four times. I need to disconnect one of my postpaid telephone connection. Each person kept asking for the same details, my number, name, date of birth, address and then transferred me to another operator, who did the same, finally it was just recorded music that I heard for over 10 mins before I disconnected. I think Hutch has handed over the customer care service to some un-interested 3rd party, whose employees are not serious in what they do. It is a matter of shame that a customer has to put up with such careless persons. Hutch management need to understand that all service is the only deciding factor for anyone to succeed. In the best interest of company to audit their customer care department weed out the useless persons.

  • Ve
      2nd of Mar, 2007
    0 Votes

    Seeing the messages above it appears that Hutch's future in India is doomed.

  • Na
      14th of Mar, 2007
    0 Votes

    I have been using Hutch postpaid connection since 2002 and also i have 2 connection of hutch but now i think i did a big mistake because my hutch's outgoing & incoming calls deactivated last 20 days. I find the Hutch telephonic customer care service is pathetic. It has taken me over 30 mins to even get to an operator, and when I finally did so, they kept putting me on to a concerned person four times.

  • Ra
      1st of May, 2007
    0 Votes
    Hutch GPRS - Non activating

    Hutch GPRS is not activating i send a request for 3 times still it is not activated. Hutch Care persons telling send a request again. But they are not activating

  • Pa
      29th of Jun, 2007
    0 Votes

    I have been using a Hutch postpaid connection for over 1.5 years. Recently I happened to go my native place in North India and when I tried to activate National Roaming, I received a message that I had to deposit Rs. 1300 to get it activated. It had never happened before.

    I called up customer care and explained them that it is not possible to deposit the money as I was at the airport and my plane was scheduled within next half an hour. The executive did not listened me and behaved rudely. He asked me to send any of my representative or friend to deposit the amount.

    I was helpless and could not send anybody to deposit the amount and hence faced a lot of problems and metal trauma.

    The new system was never told to me that now I need to deposit a security amount for national roaming. It is often not told to customers at times when they take a new connection.

    I need the clarification on this regard and want to warn others that these companies are just making us fools and nothing else.

  • Pa
      10th of Jul, 2007
    0 Votes

    I applied for the post paid connection through my nearest dealer on 2nd July'07. I submitted all the documents told by the dealer for getting number into postpaid activation. After two days I was informed to submit one more document required for the connection by Anuj from Hutch New Delhi. As per the conversation I submitted that document also but still after that for the other two days the post paid connection was not activated.Through my dealer I had a conversation with Praveen from Hutch New Delhi,the guy promised me that within two days my connection will get activated. Still it did not happen. I called up Praveen after that two times & everytime he gives me conformation of the connection getting activated but nothing happens from there side.
    I have submitted all the amount & documents required for the connection activation,but still it is getting delayed. As i'm working its really difficult for me to keep on running & getting the things done. This the job of Praveen & Anuj to get the things done on time, & this what for they are being paid by the company. It is really frustrating that everytime I have to call them ask about the status, in fact Anuj never takes up my call. The kind of inconvenienced I am facing in spite "HUTCH" is into the service sector because of the employees who are not focused to do their job on time & bring customer satisfaction for their services.

    Although my problem may not soon very important in the short term gains of the organization but if this the condition of the employees in the organization in long term the company may face problem & loose many of the customers.

    Thank you
    Best regards
    Payal Kamti
    Management Associate(HR Admin.)
    Carlson Hospitality Marketing India Pvt. Ltd.
    Commercial Complex,Radisson New Delhi,National Highway 8
    New Delhi-110039

  • Il
      11th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    can i know how to manage the calls on online

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