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Hutch India / Poor organization & customer care service!

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(i) I had deposited my bill in cash on 3 rd January, 2007 against the due date 29th December,2006 due to new year's holiday. This i had intimate to the customer care service (ccc) ( Kolkata- India) several times when ever they call me for the payment inquiry. At last on on 12th jan i call to the payment receiving agent & after there findings it is there mistake that they did not mail to the hutch company about the payment received.This error is again i intimate to Customer care service (kolkata) 3-4 times. again on 16 th January, 2007 my mobile is showing sim card registration failed since morning. This shows that there is very poor management of communication of payment received between the agent & the Huch Co which is to be faced by the customer.

(ii) every time we make call to the ccc (kolkata) the number is coming busy & when its hardly get connected to talk with customer care executive there is no response from there side during the working hours & the the line get disconnected. This shows the poor service.

My number is 3-4 years old, but due to this type of harassment i decided to change to some other connections.

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  • Ka
      17th of Jan, 2007
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    Subject: Quality of services from Hutch People.. Pathetic ......???

    My name is Kapil Chawla & my Phone number is 09811175517 ,Since for last 8 years i am associated with Hutch as prepaid customer.Couple of days back i had registered request in Hutch for converting my prepaid connection to Post paid as i have my own business & i was getting influence that now usage is quite high & we should have to think some other options.I got call from hutch as i told them to convert it to Post Plan against 299 Plan (in which as per them Hutch to Hutch is free up to 1000 calls )So i told them to go ahead with that as it is going to make me comfort from an outstanding output.

    Your outsourced people home & i had given all documents after that they had given me SIM ,also told me that new one is going to activated with in 2 days .After two days i haven't got any update from hutch as per slip ,which one i got it from your people that no . is out of services & your executive no is always in switch off mode .I wen your Hutch Shop, after standing in queue i got an information that the SIM which one i was carrying is wrong one & they will give me the another SIM which is going to activate with in 2 hours .Here you can see the pathetic service from Hutch as i was without phone for 3 days & you can imagine the loss of my business.

    It doesn't show height from Hutch services,after couple of days i got the letter that you have Plan of 199 & your charges will be this & that .I really got shocked that why should i have to pay for this as i had already conveyed to make 299 plan ? As getting no response i want again Hutch shop & requested to convert this to 299 plan. It is completely Hutch people mistake & now customer is suffering .

    Enough is Enough now i am not able to make any calls as my Outgoing has barred due to credit limit access .So, this kind of services from Hutch make no where in India.Trust me i was quite happy with Prepaid connection, i am sure i did blunder mistake in my life to get it convent .

    Request you to Please resolve my issue if you have customer care department who is dedicated to resolve customer issue as per as concern with your hutch shop all the people are hopeless ,not listen for customer query as well as trying to make foul to customers

  • Am
      28th of Jan, 2007
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    I am a postpaid customer of Hutch in Bangalore since last 2 years. For the last 4 consecutive months, I am facing a problem with the billing. I really wonder whether they sleep while generating bills of their customers. Whenever I call their customer care number, I need to hold the line for 5 - 8 minutes . After getting connected once I give my no. then executive says, he/she need to transfer the call to a special corporate team as I have a corporate account. So again I need to listen U AND I IN THIS BEAUTIFUL WORLD for another 2- 4 minutes, which seems to be no more beautiful by that time (7 -12 minutes) and once call gets connected to corporate team. I need to answer all possible questions like billing address, my date of birth, my talk plan, last bill I have paid and mode of payment. Hoooh! After verification, executive said "How may I assist you". At least I took a breath and thought now its my time to speak out my problem. I told all the all the things regarding bill. The most frequent words which I heard from executive was "Sorry for inconvenience, I understand and we will take care from next time." I wonder just saying all these words means Customer service. Well, at least the solution for all the calls which I made in all these 4 months was just a complaint number and they took a request and assured me that the amount of money will be waived of in the next month bill. But it was yesterday when I saw my bill there it shows discount of 33 rs and at the same time , they have charged me again wrongly for caller tunes (30 rs.). Again I made a call and addressed this to executive. Same thing she told me it will waived off in the next month bill. Later, I just asked her employee ID, and she told me that they are not supposed to reveal their emp ids on the call which I found strange. Just want to say that day by day for me Hutch is loosing out its importance and now I have to plan out going with other service provider as they have proved their inefficiency repeatedly.

  • Yo
      25th of Feb, 2007
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    The Hutch India is not vendor to be trusted. They even harasses their corporate customers. Their salesman first make you fake promises and get fill the form and then they do not provide you required services. It has happened to me that i asked them for STD pack from the day one. But due the failure of salesman and rest of company taking action on it which causes issues with bill I have to face numerous issues. At last, I paid the eligible amount but they are still harassing by send bills and notices. I have written communication with their officials.

    Can anyone help to take this issuing to consumer court?

  • Vi
      26th of Feb, 2007
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    Hats off to hutch for its uncultured and unorganized service.
    This Experience Happened to me too.... the worst of service which i have used for ever.

    Let me explain what happened to me:

    I had a hutch connection in blr then i cancelled the same by sending a email (custumer support asked me to) i payed my bills. then left the country, some one from Hutch collection office called my home phone, It seems like he wanted me to pay my bill, but when i did not receive any bill how do u guys expect me to pay it at first? I did not receive any bills by Email too. I sent a mail to the same mail ID to cancel my account for that request no one took the initiatives. When My Credit limit is 1000 Rs how come my Bill was 2500? I saw the splitup (After this incident I called (ISD) Hutch and requested for a bill) which was sent to my mail (atlast on 15th Feb 06). But it doesn't make any sense.

    Then My dad payed the bill in Hutch Tamil nadu, then 10 days after i get another mail saying a legal notice from hutch, they dont communicate from state to state then why the hell should they accept the bills, Any ways i took lot of time explaining them....

    After 2 days i get another bill of 19 RS, [censored] i got pissed off..... I sent another mail for which the following was the response....

    This has reference to your mail dated 27th February 2007. At the outset we regret for the inconvenience caused to you. We would like to inform you that there is no outstanding due pending on your hutch account number and the same is cancelled as per your request.

    Also would like to confirm that you will not receive any more bills from hutch for your number. We also understand that this event certainly did not portray a favorable experience for you and that any explanation on our part will not mitigate your feelings of disappointment. It is our goal that all interactions with our customers should be pleasant. Should you require any further clarifications please call the undersigned.

    For which i replied like the following.

    Final words:

    Hope this is the last mail which i type to Hutch.... Have a nice time with hutch even though i had the hardest time with your bills, which I never received and once it started to reach, it was a collection call which made me and think Crazy (If i have been informed before this incident about my bills i might have payed it earlier, I sent the mail to corp.kar to cancel it i dont know how they did not cancel it). Also i was never happy when i was using your service back in Bangalore, my mobile was always unreachable where ever i go.

    Only Your Collection call Followed me where ever I go (with a bad language in it)..... Your network never followed me.
    I understand that you could do a little about the way hutch operates, but I wonder why it never improves, I searched in the internet and I saw lot of blogs about your service similar to mine. Hope you and everyone in hutch knows about it.

    Who ever reads this never use or recommend Hutch to any one in the country.

    Also don't ask any feedbacks from me it should be zero in all aspects.

  • Sp
      8th of Mar, 2007
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    I am a Hutch cell network customer since last two years. I purchased SIM through nearby shop at my residence. Necessary documents were provided then and my line got activated on next day of application. During past two years I recharged prepaid thrice on annual basis. Today on 7th March07 I found my cell not displaying calling ID. When discussed this issue at complaint desk( 111) one gentleman Mr. Niraj replied that it was necessary to do so as they wanted to have my Photo, I card copy, residential proof documents etc. This was the BEST SHORT cut they could do!

    My questions to HUTCH:

    1- How & why SIM card was activated If my documents were not sufficient?
    2- Why HUTCH refilled my prepared card for past three attempts if they found me suspicious? Please note I always pay Rs:3000/- odd as an annual charge.
    3- In case customer integrity is to be ensured, why SIM cards are available at Local BANIAS and not only at Galleries?

    To promote business company do not posses any morals and distribution network go up to a street hawkers. Poor customer get trapped under company legal affairs and pay for it.

    This is totally unethical strategy from M/S HUTCH

  • Su
      17th of Mar, 2007
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    I had deposited my bill in cash on 15th march, 2007 against the due February 2007 . several times when ever they call me for the payment inquiry.So i had pay my bill but my bill not updated. This shows that there is very poor management of communication of payment received between the agent & the Huch which is to be faced by the customer.

  • Ar
      19th of Mar, 2007
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    I am in favor of all the complaints. Even i am facing one of the problem as stated above. I will never suggest to use Hutch Connection.

  • Ga
      29th of May, 2007
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    I am really very sorry to say that i have face many problems on my hutch account. During my generation of my hutch bill every month their always mentioning wrong details in my account. I made complain so many times regarding that to customer care but their is no proper result from their side. As i am using hutch from last 6 months and this problem occurs from that period. This is not the proper way to deal with the customers and didn't able to resolve the problem.

  • Bh
      12th of Jul, 2007
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    I have changed my billing address for address verification itself they have disconnected my service for 5 days and when i visited hutch van set up at marathahalli he told that he will send hutch guy for verification on Saturday ie 07/07/07 but he didn't turned up. I was waiting for the hutch guy for the whole day he didn't come. During Sunday evening it was again being active now again today ie 10/07/07 it was disconnected.

    I want the reason behind this blady verification and blady service.

    I want an immediate action to be taken or else i want to see u guys in the consumer court it self.

  • Am
      24th of Nov, 2007
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    I was having a number (9886704204) in my name. It was Bangalore number. I was going out so i decided to close the number. I gave a instruction to hutch care to close the number and email my dues. They didn't turned up for 4 months. Now they say to pay huge money Rs 2710. I have not used their service for 4 months but they issued me a legal notice via mail saying you need to pay this amt.

    Kindly advise what to do. I am ready to pay the amount except these 4 months which I have not used.

    Kindly advise smb!

  • Sk
      15th of Dec, 2007
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    For what reason Hutch (Vodaphone) Life-time subscribers are paying more call charges when Airtel charges Rs.1/- per call.

  • Ka
      24th of Sep, 2008
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    A word of advice. Whenever you call the Hutch care (specially Delhi) please say "Sorry for waking you up" as they seem to sleeping over anything and everything. It toook me a torturing 3 months to get my address changed and the Tariff plan change request is still pending. Obviuosly since Ms. Nupur Arora has not woken up till now to update our records we have to wait for atleast three more months before she actually takes care of the second part of my request made in June 2008. I am regretting the day I chose to buy this connection.

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