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Hutch Connection / Be careful about Hutch!

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Be careful about Hutch... (This is happened to a lady named Binaya Bhusan Sahoo).

The below one is a forwarded one. Please read this. So that at least we can aware of this kind of scam.


I has been cheated by HUTCH. I was holding a prepaid account (no: [protected]) from last 18 months and I have converted it into a post-paid connection on last Monday (18th June) at the HUTCH-Care Shop in ITPL. On 20th June, I got a call from HUTCH care that I have to pay the outstanding bill of around Rs 8500/-(Rupees Eight thousand three hundred only) that are unpaid for some other 2 numbers.

After I got the call I rushed to the HUTCH-Shop (ITPL Basement) to make an inquiry about this & to my surprise, I came to know that "Already 2 more post-paid connections exist on my name ([protected] and [protected], which are unknown to me.) !!!" I was shocked to find Xerox copy of my Pay slip & office ID with the two previous HUTCH connections, which I had never taken.

There was no photograph on the application form and the address proof submitted is not the address where I am staying or ever stayed. Also I came to know that one of the two numbers have been used in roaming in Kerala which I have never visited in my life.

So, I have lodged a Police complain in White field Police station on 22nd June.

Without any information my new SIM card (Mobile number : [protected] ) has been canceled. The highest degree of harassment I have ever faced from a service provider. Even while converting from pre-paid to post-paid I am having balance of Rs 625/-. Now I am unclear about what will happen to that amount.

I have put the following questions to Hutch Executive at Hutch care shop:

No. 1 - Without Photograph & address verification how you have allowed the cheat to take connections( [protected] and [protected])?

Answer I got from Hutch Executive: Saturday some one verified my office address . The stupid answer I have ever heard in my Life. You know that Saturday is a holiday for every IT company then how come you have verified my office address & who had given you the information about me? for the question why no photograph is there I did not get any answer.

No. 2 - How you have allowed the cheat to call of Rs 6548 /-([protected]) & Rs 1863/-( [protected]) in one month? I have allowed Rs 500/ credit limit for first month then how come you have allowed the culprit to talk over Rs

Answer I got from Hutch Executive: Another stupid answer. One of the phone was in Roaming so they can not trace the amount. Then what about the other phone?

No. 3 - Why you have never contacted me to inform that I have got the outstanding amount of Rs8300/-? Because my office phone number is mentioned in the Xerox copy of the ID proof.

Answer I got from Hutch Executive: No answer .

Even the HUTCH care people did not listen to my complain and replied that I
have to pay the out-standing BIll of Rs 8500/-.

After getting the duplicate bills for the above two numbers I just called the numbers to trace the culprit. You will be surprised that 90% of the phone numbers called are Hutch numbers and most of the numbers do not exist now. Even I called a number " [protected]" that the culprit has frequently called is a number of Hutch employee and he was also roaming in Kerala. This kind of cheating is not possible without help of Hutch employees, after getting so much of information I am now sure that a gang is operating from Hutch.

If my number will not be released in two days I will go to MEDIA to inform about this scam, which is operating from HUTCH itself.

I am requesting you all to start forwarding the mails to your near and dear ones and help them not a victim of HUTCH scam.


Note: As I mentioned the above contents are from the forwarded mail.

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