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A friend of mine had used a Hutch number in B'lore and then got it properly CLOSED.

After two months of that, the company has started giving threatening calls to me, (my only fault being a mediator to talk to Hutch care in my friend's absence).

They are not ready to listen to me, the point is, If they properly closed the number, how can they claim for the payment, after closing down the numbers.

Is their any way this mental torture can brought to a halt. They have threatened to take the matter to the court, but the question is , "On What grounds???"

Is this the standard of services of a telecom giant which just merged with another bigshot Vodafone.

Can they be exposed on a public platform so that the ugly face of their customer care services can be forth.

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  • Vi
      6th of Feb, 2007
    Hutch - Bangalore - Worst service provider!

    I have been automatically activated for GPRS and Caller tunes on my number @ Bangalore 9886251646 and on calling Hutch they said that It Is automated process where we send an SMS and since customer did not respond we started the billing after several complaints last month they reversed the charges and said that they would deactivate this service for me since I am not interested giving me a Ref No 307475722. This month again I have been billed and when I called again they are not ready to reverse the changes and I asked for a request to be logged for my last months verification and they said that they would look In to It and then reverse the changes giving me another Ref no 329014698 no reply till date I again Called and a Team lead here says that both the ref Nos are not Correct and when I yell at him he disconnects the line. Then i log another call and a Team Lead by name Karthik says that he would have the necessary action taken toward the behavior of the Previous Team Leads Wrong information because all the Ref Nos are Proper and that they are In Pending state . I again Get an New Ref nos for Prioritizing No: 332136384. Till date no reply. All i decided from today Is NO MORE HUTCH . I am advising everyone In this world PLEASE DO NOT BUY HUTCH CONNECTION IN BANGALORE BECAUSE THEIR SUPPORT IS TO THE CORE WORST AMONG ALL . EVEN AND ROADSIDE TEA VENDOR WILL BE MORE POLITE THEN THEIR CUSTOMER CARE .

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  • Si
      29th of Sep, 2007

    They have threatened you in which ground they can only tell you I was not present during that moment.Though these things happend to few of the customers.

    Here I can suggest you to ask them few things bellow..
    1. Written documents of call list during the validity period of the number.

    2.Submit a written documents for the above point & you should not forget to collect the receive copy of it.

    3.If they give you such threatning again then ask for a written documents of it.

    4.You can submit the document to your nearest Hutch care centre.

    5.Consult a lawer for further steps.

    # Do Not WORRY...if you are true & honest towards in the path of life...surely you will win.Dont get tenssed.
    Best Wishes...

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  • Ga
      30th of Sep, 2007

    mobile is a personal property !
    after closing the number...what was the need to bugg the customercare of HUTCH, in your friend's absence???
    buy your own mobile.After closing a number if you will disturb the customercare then you have to pay.Afterall you are using a service.

    did you used any abusive during the conversation with customer care???..otherwise why tehy will give such threatening?????????????

    anyhow...follow the instructions which is in above for your support & it will help you.

    their is nothing to take such mental torture , as if you follow the above advice and prove yourself true.

    few customers are trying to ditch, so sometime innocents are getting punishment in this earth in every aspect of lief.

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  • Di
      15th of Nov, 2007

    I am not able to know about my balance. I am not connecting with c. care. Some voice problem.

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