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Hustlin Media / Company does not exist / Phishing Scam

1 United States
Contact information:

Company trolls Craigslist posting fake ads for administrative assistants, marketing professionals and coordinators, and other office professionals -- all this work done from home or telecommuting. These postings are quite legitimate-sounding and even have realistic salaries and hourly rates involved.

The first contact will let you know via email that you're credentials have impressed the General Manager and you have been "short-listed". You also will have to visit a website to participate in a company mandated "credit check" as you will be involved in handling private information; possibly monetary accounts for the company. The website that is hotlinked into the email is a free credit reporting service that automatically signs you up for a monthly fee. This may also open you up to other scams as you are required to enter in very personal information and you really don't know who's on the other end of this email.

Even if you don't enter any of this information, you will be contacted a second time by a different individual, letting you know that you indeed have made the short-list and that your credit score is needed. You again will be urged to visit the credit-reporting site if you haven't all ready because "HR" needs this information.

Again, if you delete this email or ignore it, you will be contacted a third time "directly" by the Recruitment Office: Jane Henderson, Human Resource Manager. You will receive a bunch of information as to what rates of pay will be depending on what schedule you may be given, what positions are available, and urged one last time to visit the site to complete the credit reporting service. There will also be one other attachments in the email: one being a form to fill out regarding your experience; you will then be told to send it back to their HR office and a hotlink will be provided. Janet will tell you that in 5-7 days they will contact you if you indeed have made their short-list.

Quite interesting that these emails all are sent from differing email addresses: the corporate address, gmail, and another indistinguishable. Also, this company doesn't exist according to the info that they provided and are hiding behind. Their main page is a Mambo template. No company info on it anywhere. Just the Mambo mainframe. About Mambo -- which is a CMS template for designing webpages. A lot of companies use it. That and Joomla. It's like someone parking on Microsoft's page and calling their own.

So yeah. They don't exist. They just want your info.


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