Husam YaghiVery Late Delivery

I purchased Google Glass from eBay and paid $142 to ship them FedEx International Priority, so that I get them before going on my trip. They shipped same day and the promised delivery date by FedEx was 22-23 January.

I did not get the Glass before my trip. I travelled to London 26-29 January unfortunately without my Google Glass for which I had paid a lot to get them shipped quickly.

I did not get the Glass until 31 January. That's just as slow as the much much cheaper USPS service. Actually, other items which I had purchased and got shipped almost for free via USPS arrived on 31 January even though they were purchased several days after the Google Glass.

Therefore I request you to kindly refund my shipping fees.

Husam Yaghi

Husam Yaghi

Feb 05, 2015

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