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My husband purchased my wedding set from Hurst Fine Diamonds in 1999. Over the weekend, the center stone fell out and we were unable to find it. We took the ring in as it is suppose to have a lifetime warranty. Hurst said that because their computer system "crashed" they no longer have any information on our purchase or on the inspections that were done. We were able to provide them with the appraisal paperwork which they do in store. That wasn't good enough to prove anything and they refused to assist us. We called the VP for Hurst and spoke directly to him. He was not helpful but extremely rude!! We took the ring to two other jewelers to see what it would cost for a new diamond. We found out that they didn't put in a .50 kt diamond like they said they sold us. They actually put in a smaller diamond of .21 kt. We didn't realize that at the time as we aren't familiar with the different sizes or shapes. When we questioned Hurst and the VP about this, they stumbled over their words and tried to come up with some reason for this. We are considering getting our attorney involved. Please do NOT buy anything from this company. They are crooks!


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