Huron HardwoodRip off company


Tom Gillie seems to have a knack for taking your money and not delivering the goods. I have a similar experience of ordering flooring with a delivery date of mid- August. The date comes and goes and no wood. I contacted Tom and he said he would check into it and get back to me. Two weeks go buy and no return call and subsequent calls go unanswered.

After giving up and needing to get some flooring I cancel the order and go to another supplier. When I ask for a refund I am told 20-40 days. I assured Tom I would take legal action if I did not get the refund as promised. 40 days goes by and no refund.

I launched a civil claims against him and about 2 weeks after the lawsuit hits his desk, low and behold the refund arrives. This can be done for a cost of $100 in Alberta and is not too difficult to do. You need his incorporated legal business id, 1467361 Ontario Incorporated, and the correct address to serve the papers to, 31 Renata Court, Dundas, Ontario, L9H 6X2

No need to hire a lawyer but I wouldn't wait to long as the lineup seems to be growing.

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