Huntington Dunham Maple HTS. Branch / funds were deposited in the wrong person's account

1 Maple hts., US

on 11/16/2017 at 16:01 transaction #201 My name is Lori Hardy my husband Jim Hardy went into 6134 Dunham and deposited the amount of $500.00 with the manager J'Nai Lipford. I checked my mobile app and no
deposit was showing my husband then proceeded to go back to the branch and J'Nai Lipford made a call and said it was taken care of. On 11/17/2017 I checked my mobile app and it was not there so I called the 1-800 line Huntington custermer service and they said J'Nai Lipford never followed through on the transaction and they would put a dispute in and advised me to go back to the branch. so I had to leave work such a inconvience to go there at 9:00am. I spoke J'Nai Lipford she had to make a call and was very short with me. She also said it would be pendindg for 5 days and it might disappear out of my account again but don't come up to the bank if this happens just call her well at this point I don't trust her and feel she needs more training. Just as fast as she put my money in someone elses account I should not have to wait for it to be put back in my account.
I have sent all my bills out and they need to be covered. I dont' want my money pending. Huntington Dunham Branch needs retraining and better customer service!

Nov 17, 2017

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