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I recently found out I have an apartment debt that was sold to this company. The 2 times I have called to set up payment arrangements both agents blew me off, saying if I cant pay anything right now, they cant do anything to help me. I asked for something written and I was told that no matter who I speak with, it is in their policy to not send correspondence or written statements of payment arrangements just receipts when payment is made. Horrible service, they make it hard to be responsible when the people you are trying to pay are making things difficult. The way they are running things it seems like a scam business.

Feb 19, 2014
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  • Al
      20th of Feb, 2014

    There are numerous complaints about this company all over the web. Never ever take a collection agency at their word, even if you recognize the debt. You have the right, by federal law, to demand proof to backup every claim they make (in most cases they can't). Never ever make a payment without a written agreement on hand FIRST. With out a written agreement, there is nothing stopping a collection agency from selling the 'debt' to another agency once you've fulfilled the verbal agreement with them. Since there is no agreement or statements showing the payoff, the new agency will then start hassling you to pay the entire balance AGAIN. If you do decide to pay the collection agency, never ever pay with a credit card, personal check, or direct debit. Always pay with a cashiers check or money order. Giving a collection agency direct access to your financial world can be a nightmare because they have been known to clean out bank accounts and max out credit cards, taking much more than they agreed to take. Above all else, learn your rights when it comes to dealing with a debt collector. Study the federal laws that govern debt collectors (FDCPA). You'd be surprised at how badly some collectors break that law. Also become familiar with the federal laws that govern credit reporting (FCRA), because collection agencies usually break the law with them as well when trying to collect a debt.

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