Hunt and HenriquesAttorneys who are not a legitimate Collection Agency

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These people are the breaking laws and every ethics standard in the book. They search and find credit debt that is still on a report without checking to see if it has been retired and then sue to cllect interest that is not due nor legal. They then want to heap legal fees on top of that and then attempt to garnish your wages if you fail to appear, which is what they hope. I had to take on their other partner in crime before and won, now they are trying to get thrit money back by filing a false claim of a debt paid some time ago.


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      Jun 13, 2011

    Police reports should be filed against Michael Hunt. Check out the identity theft statutes. Do not allow them, under any circumstance to use your SSN. The creditor had to get your permsission to use it and H & H (as debt collectors) are no different.
    When a creditor assigns the case to a debt collector they have to get your permission to assign it to a debt collector. Once the creditor has your consent to assign the case to a debt collector, that gives the debt collector permission to use your SSN. The creditor never follows that procedure and therefore debt collector are using your SSN without your consent. Look up the statutes for identity theft in your state. If anyone uses your SSN without your consent you can file a police report and then follow up with an identity theft law suit.

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