Humming Bird Loans/Blue Bird / false advertising and paid back twice as much as borrowed

1 Hayward, WI, United States
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This past January I missed 2 1/2 weeks from work due to sickness. I had bills to pay so I resorted to a payday loan. I researched several companies online and decided on Humming Bird Loans as I could make a payment once a month. I applied and got $450.00. The girl I spoke to on the phone told me that my first payment of $75.00 was due on March 3. Thereafter, once a month I would make payments of roughly $140.00 a month until paid back. I would be paid back in 6 months. Well, the first payment taken out of my checking account was $107.00. From that point forward they took $139.33 out of my checking account twice a month. Supposedly, they took the last payment on April 28. By taking money as they did I ended up paying $84.00 in bank fees because I wasn't planning on them taking money every payday. The bottom line is that as of April 28, I have paid back $1, 026.98!!! On a loan of $450.00!!!I have contacted the company and gotten absolutely no response.

May 2, 2017

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