Humberview Chevrolet / Used Vehicle Purchase

We purchased a used 2011 Hyundai Elantra through this dealership about a year and a half ago. For the first 3 months our car was in the show with numerous problems. It had underwent 4 front end alignments, they replaced two sway bars, and the steering rod. We were in constant battle with Humberview as we were paying for a vehicle we hardly used. The sales manager at the time by the name of Connie, even bribed us with $100 because there were constant issues. They promised us a list of other vehicles we qualified for but failed to present it. They were clearly trying to push us past our 30 days. This dealership even went as far as filling in scratches they caused to the body with a different color paint. Needless to say we are a year and a half later. I was in contact with one of their sales reps who tried to assure me that if we did business with them again things would go differently. Stating that the individuals we had dealt with the first time were no longer a part of the company. So once again I am here with issues. We sent our new purchase of a 2014 Jeep Patriot in for servicing due to excessive shaking when idling, and a few other complaints. First they told us they were sending our Jeep to a Jeep dealership close to Islington. We called that dealership to find out they didn't have our vehicle. We then found out that Humberview owns a Jeep dealership in the Vaughan area, and that's where they sent it. Their mechanics took a look at our Patriot and deemed there was nothing wrong. Due to the issues we have had in the past with these incompetent individuals we requested a second opinion. Our Jeep was then sent to the dealership it was originally supposed to go to. BEHOLD! a mechanic there agreed that there is possibly something faulty with the transmission. Our vehicle cannot be serviced for this issue for another few weeks, which will take us past our 30 days. They are refusing to show us other vehicles, even went to the length in telling us to lawyer up. We don't feel safe driving our Jeep. We are being taken out of our rental and told that we will have to pay the expenses. I am considering seeking legal action against Humberview. They are so nice prior to purchase, but once they receive their money, they completely shun you, and make no effort to try to rectify the situation. There is a recall on this model for the engine. Something to do with debris, and people having issues with the vehicle stalling, and not working at all. Why is it that we should have to suffer through this when we are paying customers. We have rights too.

Feb 20, 2015

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