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Humane Society of New York Animal Hospital / Overcharge of treatment, without treatment

1 306 E59th St NY, NY 10022Manhattan, NY, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 212-75204840

I took my cat Penny in specifically to be treated for feline acne. I was told I had to pay $34 up front when I made the appointment. No other charges were mentioned.

When I arrived they proceeded to clean my cats ears, check for ear mites and found none, check for fleas and found none yet gave her a shot saying it was for fleas and ticks and ear mites. There were three attendants fast talking at the same time but no one mentioned anything about what they would do and how much it would cost. They did what they did without any explanation. Not one addressed the acne problem, they simply cleaned her chin where the acne was and gave me a clear solution, for her chin, a bottle of anti biotics, an E collar which did not fit her and tried to sell me a six pack of Revolution for $75.00. When I told them I could not afford it they charged me $15.00 for one pack. My bill came out to $189.00! I clean my cats ears at home, I treat her for fleas on a regular basis which is why they did not find any fleas or ear mites. I tried several over the counter remedies for her acne ane nothing worked which is why I bought her in. One nurse suggested to the attending nurse to use witch hazel on my cat's acne which is what I believed the clear liquid was.

When they presented the bill to me, I was shocked. I expected to get some type of diagnosis and prescription for my cat's acne. I got billed for everything I did not need or want and got scolded by someone on the phone like a child because all I had on me was $ 25.00 which I paid.

I am on disability and this was explained beforehand. I could have had a vet come to my house and treat my cat for less and this is a fact because I called a few in the yellow pages. They were rude, nasty, disrespectful and they withheld all of my financial obligations until they after they performed the unnecessary procedures. I sent back everything they sent home with me. The clear bottle of fluid, the Revolution, the undersized E collar and the antibiotics. I wrote several E mails complaining and asking for my money back because they did absolutely NOTHING for my cats acne. They even had the nerve to charge me for the needle they used to give her a shot she did not need.

When I called them, all they said was I was barred from coming there again, as if you could pay me to go there and get treatment free. NEVER! I am fully aware of all of the wonderful things the Humane Society has done for NYC animals but I was not the only person there complaining about their treatment and their prices.

All my Emails to the society have been ignored. Please came you suggest a solution. On top of all of this injustice, they spayed my sister's cat the same day with giving the cat a rabies shot. If I am not mistaken, that is against the NYS law.

Please help us.

Thanking you in advance

Rose (and Sandra) Williams

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