Human / Max Kitten kit and the human company , major scam

1 Toronto, OH, Canada
Contact information:
Phone: (844) 694-8626

Maxkitten with aliases Max Kit, Max Kitten, Max Human or Masha Human are currently running a scam trying to rip off people form countries like Ukraine, Russia, Africa, India, Canada and many more.

They run a fake charity for which they promised a website 8 months ago, a phone number 10 months ago. They use contact details of real people from the real world and claim that those people are part of their company. This includes fake secretaries, fake offices and fake lawyers all of who do exist in real life but have never heard of these scammers. The only proof they have provided is that they registered a billion dollar company for 200$ after 10 months of making these claims and it still hasn't been approved.

Their primary place to make announcements and decisions and where you can find these scammers are :

Their facebook page is

They also have 10-20 other facebook pages dedicated to their upcoming products, hardware, software, missions to mars and all of that for charity.

They offer people who cannot properly understand English a chance to get into a billion dollar company. This company supposively is going to make products to revolutionize the world and also make everyone rich in the project. They claim this company is running solely for charity.

Max Human, Max Kitten or Max Kit (whichever name he is using these days) is seeking donations with the help of Masha human also known as Masha Aleksandrovna who helps him gather people from these countries. Max says he has already donated $50, 000 to the company. He also claims that tech gurus like Elon Musk and Reddit co-founder Alexis know him, talk to him and offer him money for the company. Reddit co-founder already denied this and banned him from Reddit for making a false claim. His lawyer and his fake secretary also denied being associated with him but he hides all traces of his claims and still keeps going. He also claims to keep people like Bill Gates up to date about the company.

Their website is

He promised it would be completed in a month and he has been saying this every month since a year. You can read all of their incredibly fake promises and illegal practices including their fake share structures, how they make money, how you make money in these text files on their websites and also in the links above.

Images of their fake company website promised a year ago:

They have also been banned from multiple websites, caught in lies by every community they have approached but they are still able to continue the scam by suckering in poor people from countries who may not have the English understanding that Americans, Canadians or Brits do.

I just wanted you guys to have a look and just see how fake these claims are. Please if someone is reading this and is part of this fake fictional company then volunteer to a real charity and don't waste your time with these scammers.

the human charity is a scam. If you have any questions or need more info I'd be happy to provide it. There is an entire website dedicated to monitoring these scammers here :

Dec 16, 2014

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