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Hughesnet / slower than dial up!

1 P O BOX 32Sandia Park, NM, United States Review updated:
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Due to no alternative for high speed internet upon my relocation to rural New Mexico, I subscribed with, which has subsequently changed names to For the first 18 months starting back in 2004, the service was good. Not as fast as the ADSL I had at my previous residence. Things started to slow down and Hughes offered to sel me a new modem, an upgraded model with much higher speed capability. Ever since I purchased the new DW7000 modem, the hughes service has gone straight down hill. In the past year the modem simply dies and I have re-booted it over 400 times. The service has been getting consistently slower. Must be the additional users they are subscribing that now has their satellite overloaded. Since October 2007 I have made over 8 calls to Tech Service to complain about simple web pages that will not even load. You get a fix and a speed test while on the phone, but 2 hours later the speed has again dropped. Since 2004 I had never exceeded the Hughes Fair Access Policy. Then when I returned home one evening, the FAP was implemented. The net result was, even though I turned off my PC and unplugged the Hughes modem, that I was over the FAP limit and had literally no internet for 5 days. Hughes could not explain how I continued to be over the Fair Access Policy limit when the modem had been unplugged for over 30 hours straight.

If you live in a remote rural area, you have little option other than dial up, however at a $64.00 per month difference between dial up and, I can accept the slower speed at a reasonable price.

The concept was good and possibly before they overloaded their satellite capacity or only allocate a minuscule part of the satellite capacity for their broadband ISP service, it was acceptable to pay $75.00 per month when there was no alternative, but $75.00 per month for dial up level service is criminal.

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      6th of Apr, 2008
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    I live in Belize. I pay 96.25USD (includes 10% sales tax) per month for service which is only slighlty better than dial-up. Dial-up is 52kps here. I have the DW 7000 2 watt satellite. I sell real estate so need to email photos. When purchasing the system, I had great hopes of enhancing my business and was looking forward to getting my work done quickly. NOT!

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      29th of Apr, 2008
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    Don't waste your money or time with This is absolutely the worst company I've ever had to deal with. If you have any alternative for Internet, go with it. When I started with them 4 yrs ago it was fine. But they have been adding people to the Satmex 5 and Satmex 6 satellites to the point where there is no bandwidth and no one has any speed. If they tell you to "upgrade" your modem for faster download or upload times, don't believe it. I have the HN7000 and it is worse than the DW6000. Now with their FAP you can't even download music or watch videos or you get turned off for 24 hours.

    The most recent "crisis" is their email upgrade which was suppose to take one day. Well now its Tuesday April 29 and we've had no email since Friday. Maybe they outsourced the upgrade to India like they do the customer support. Those people don't have a clue. Now, they are switching back to the old email system. What idiots. I live in Central America and have no choice. If you have a choice of providers...DON'T USE HUGHES.NET ... The only good thing about my service is I deal with c-com, a VAR in Canada and they respond to emails and actually do provide "value added".

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      14th of Oct, 2008
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    The only good thing about is you don't have to hear that dumb dial tone. It's WAY slower than dial-up.

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