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Hughesnet / awful service

1 KS, United States Review updated:

How is it that all of us can suffer the same issue with the AWFUL service by and they just keep taking the money out of our pockets?!!!

If the wind blows there is no service (I live in Kansas for God's sake!), if it rains there is no service, if it snows there is no service, if the sun shines a certain way there is no service, if Hughes makes an "Upgrade" (God help us all) there is no service, if a bird flies by and get my point.

I beg our county government to PLEASE run cable in our rural area...someday I hope they listen.

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  • Bo
      27th of May, 2008
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    I see I am not the only one complaining about hughes net. I wrote a letter a month to their "corporate office" from February to May without a reply. I don't thing it exists. Their employees say they have no way of communicating with them. They did not have the decency to answer. Everytime I attempted to call, I was on the phone for at least one-half hour and being transferred to six or more people, most of whom I couldn't understand
    (language barrier), with absolutely no satisfaction. I had problems with their equipment and their technicians could not fix it, they wanted me to buy new equipment even though we did not know exactly what the problem was.

  • Le
      11th of Jun, 2008
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    I guess I might as well chime in. Maybe between us we can save someone else the misery of dealing with this low life company. This was also submitted on [redacted] .com

    I have been a user since 8/22/06 in that time I have experienced the absolute lowest, most useless, most uncooperative tech support that it has ever been my misfortune to experience. I am an electronics tech with over 45 years experience both in circuit level troubleshooting and IT. I do not need a flow chart reader to tell me that my system is fine when I can't access the internet. I have had trouble with the system from the very beginning. On two occasions they have sent me new modems unnecessarily because they simply were too incompetent to isolate the actual problems. Before you contact tech support with this company you had better first have a couple of good stiff drinks and take a few valium. You will get a very pleasant sounding person with such a thick East Indian accent that if you have poor hearing as I do, you will only catch one word in ten. Then the first thing they will do is have you reset your modem, in the process clearing any diagnostic data it has stored. Of course in most cases clearing the modem gets you going again for at least few minutes, so then they can find no problem and simply apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced and tell you to call again if you keep having trouble. Of course when you do call again you will just go through the same endless loop. It is like an insidious "Mobius Strip" The greatest problem is that after you have wasted often an hour or more on the phone and hung up, ten minutes later the problem will often re-occur. I have actually had to reset the modem as many as a hundred times just to get my email, but they continue to say the system is fine. In one case I logged the error codes that the modem was reporting for over a week. It tallied over 26 different error codes in that time. Armed with that data I called again the next time the system quit and before resetting it. The first thing they did again was demand I reset the modem before they would run any diagnostics, and as they would not budge from that I finally did. As soon as it came back up working they simply told me that since it was presently not showing any problem there was nothing they could do. When I tried to give them the error codes they told me that at their level of support they did not deal with the codes and refused to connect me to a higher level because the system had responded to a reset.
    In one particular incident about six months ago I went through this insane run-around for nearly three weeks, being told at every call that there was no problem. Finally one day I called in and upon describing the problem was immediately transferred to higher level support who told me that the problem was a router problem at their end in the network operations center and that they were already aware of it and assured me that their engineers would have it fixed within a few hours. IT TOOK ANOTHER THREE WEEKS! Then to really make it frustrating I had to argue with their billing department for a half hour to get just one month’s credit on my bill.
    Now the final straw. The system has been only marginally useful since then with it becoming slower with time. This last week I have been trying to do some very large downloads of data that I need to get soon. Finally I hopes of getting a bit more speed and a little higher limit on their so called "fair access policy" (frankly that is a total joke, it should read unfair access policy") I spoke to their tech support and then the billing office who both assured me that going to the next higher service package would definitely improve my speed as well as adding 75mb to my FAP limit. Once they had me suckered into spending the extra money they told me the system would be down for an hour while the computers updated my equipment. After much more than an hour when it was still down I called their tech support. They walked me through a re-registration of the modem and said it would then work. Well it did not! In point of fact what they had done was transfer my system to a transponder that was completely non functional. They actually had a pre-recorded message on the tech support line before you could speak to anyone that plainly stated that customers on that particular transponder would not be able to access the internet for some time due to network operations center problems, and that their engineers would have if fixed shortly. I called them and demanded that they switch me back to the transponder I had been on, and they flatly refused. They said that it was their policy not to move anyone to a different transponder unless the signal strength was below 52%. It was just a few points above that at the time. The fact that they had switched me from a transponder with a 94% and fully functional only minutes before did not seem to mean a thing to them. When the person I was speaking to became rude about it, I demanded to speak to his supervisor. He flatly refused to transfer me to the supervisor! I then asked for his name and employee number so I could file a complaint. He gave me his first name only and said his employee number was classified. It is not! It is mandatory that he give that information if asked since without it there is no way to register a complaint. A first name is useless; there could be a hundred Randy's working for Hughes. I finally got him to transfer me to billing to cancel my service. The lady there said that she would definitely get it straightened out, and that they did not want to lose a customer, but that I would have to contact tech support to change the transponder. After jotting down the case number she gave me, I again called tech support, this time I got a different person who again refused to change it back, and if possible became even more belligerent and rude than Randy had been. I have now signed up with Wild Blue. I hope they will be a bit more realistic. In the meantime while I wait for them to install their equipment, the dead transponder finally came back online about 24 hours later, unfortunately it is displaying exactly the same symptoms as occurred six months ago when it took their network engineers 3 weeks to realize they had a problem and another 3 to get it right.

  • Va
      2nd of Dec, 2008
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    I have been a customer of Hughes Net for 5 years, only because I live in a rural area and have no other choice for internet service (I don't consider dial-up a choice). The service has not been that good since I started but knew I had to live with it until a wireless tower was built within range of my home. The service with Hughes Net continued to decline through the years, and many frustrating hours were spent on the phone with people that can't even pretend to care. I upgraded my modem to the 7000 in February, and paid the premium price of $79.99 per month for 'the best' plan. It didn't seem to make a difference in my service, which continued slow. I have been thrown off through their FAP about three times a week, which is extremely frustrating. I tried all known wireless companies, but was forced to live with slow service with Hughes Net. (There is a wireless internet service tower within 2 miles of my home but it is blocked by my neighbor's pole barn). This did not stop my search for a wireless company, and last week I finally found one that is 9 miles away and they provide and excellent signal. I never thought the internet could be so fast, this is really amazing. NOTHING comes close with Hughes Net, THEY ARE NOT HIGH SPEED. When I called to cancel my service, they informed me that I will be paying a $300.00 'early termination' fee. After being a customer for five years??? What do they want, a lifetime commitment? The girl was actually laughing at me on the phone and said I can't do anything about it, because they reset their contracts when someone upgrades the equipment. I talked to three people on the phone, and each one told me that this is something that Hughes Net has as a policy and I can't get around it. Now I know why I wasn't told of this fine print when I upgraded. I would think that if there is an upgrade in the equipment, that it shows customer loyalty and people should not be penalized for this. I am frustrated and have to live with losing $300.00 to these scam artists. I feel the $300.00 is worth the price to have service that is light-years ahead of Hughes Net, AND I'm paying $40.00 per month for this!!! I will never go back to Hughes Net, if I have to use a satellite in the future it will be through another company, or I go to dial-up. I recommend anyone considering this company for service to run as fast as you can the other way. You will not get good internet service or customer service, and you will pay a high price. Lesson learned.

  • Am
      31st of Dec, 2008
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    I agree with the post that was made regarding Hughes Net. We are under contract with Hughes Net and do not have service much of the time. My husband has to go to the library to post his grades because he cannot get internet service at home and we pay $60 a month for the service (no service). We have more than 30 case numbers from calls we've made about the problems we have with our connection. My husband was on the phone for over 3 hours the day after Christmas trying to dissolve our relation with them, they told us we would have to pay $300 termination fee, but we could upgrade to the faster service. I'm so glad I read the other post which stated the faster service was no faster and that our contract would start over with the upgrade. This is the worst company I have ever been involved with and would never recommend them. If they would change their way of thinking and put the customer's needs above their greed I'm sure they would be a much more prosperous company. RUN!!!

  • Am
      31st of Dec, 2008
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    Can you please give the name of the faster company you are now using?????????

  • Mh
      20th of Apr, 2009
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    I will never recommend HughesNet to anyone. We subscribed about 6 month's ago and it is the equivalent of throwing your money in the trash. Of course, like most people, we assumed we were upgrading from dial-up. Hah. Thank goodness we kept the dial-up account, because in an emergency we rely on that for speed. Or I need to get around 4 or 5 a.m. to take advantage of one of the few times that HughesNet offers high speed internet. I am in the process of finding something better (rural area) and will cancel my subscription immediately. Somebody needs to close them down or penalize them for ripping off consumers.d

  • Bd
      2nd of Nov, 2017
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    Hughes net sucks. I thought I had signed up for Dish Net because I called dish and every thing I talked about on the phone led me to believe I had signed up with dish net with a 1 year contract. The tech came out and installed the system and I didn't pay too much attention till I walked out side and saw the dish that said Hughes net and Informed the tech that I had signed up for Dish net and he told me that they were the same thing and I didn't think too much about it. I was not told I had a limit on the system. I was told by the person that I would get 25 mbs and when I reached my limit it would drop down to 10 mbs which would still be enough to easily stream movies. What I got was 25mbs to start and use my allotted gigs it dropped to 1 mbs upload and down load which you can hardly get on the internet with. They told me I had so loang that I could opt out. Wrong. They will offer you a little something to keep trying just long enough to your opt out period is out and then they put the screws to you. I am not going to stand for it. I am writing a letter to the Attorney General of NC< Cal and the US attorney general. I writing a letter to the BBB and going to start posting complaints to their face book till they allow me to disxontinue without paying 400 for something I didn't sign up for. If you don't like drama and problems don' ever sign up fo Hughes net.

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