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Hughesnet / having to pay the monthly fee after a death

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My husband, David Moorman, passed away July 15 after a heart attack on July 14. He was a subsriber. Even after I submitted the death certificate which stated he died on July 15, 2007, I had to pay another month to Hughes in order to close Dave's VISA acct. I find it appalling, unethical, and every other unprintable word to charge for a service to someone who is dead. On top of grieving, managing our children, taking care of business, I got this from They said I had to pay another month because it took me 4 weeks to FAX the death certificate. I did make the call 2 weeks after Dave died. Even though they got the certificate, they still charged me because it is their policy. I will tell everyone I know to never use for anyhting. You make money off of poeple who are unable to use the Internet because they are already dead and gone. This is morally wrong, and frankly, they owe me money. Sincerely, Christine Ferrero

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  • Do
      25th of Mar, 2008
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    I agree with you 100 percent, no download limit when I signed on with them and then all of a sudden they have a Fair Act Policy limiting your usage, I think there is enough of us that have been screwed by this same BS that a good attorney could file a class action lawsuit against Hughes Net and get some of our money refunded and the attorney could make enough to retire.

  • Ar
      20th of May, 2009
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    FYI...I have read through some of the complaints against the HughesNet high-speed internet service via satellite and have come to the conclusion that most folks don't really understand how the system works.
    First of all, it is not able to compete with the speeds or usage that the cable or dsl services offer. A satellite based system has restrictions that simply must be dealt with. As far as the restricted usage is concerned, if everyone was allowed to download as much as they wished anytime they wanted, it would bog the entire system down and interfere with everyone elses abillity to use it. But did you know that you can download as much as you want from 2am until 7am? That is because most folks are not using the system at that time so you cannot interfere with their usage. Did you also know the only 5% of the cable users use over half of its bandwidth? Hughes is simply trying to be fair to everyone. If you want to download more...then purchase a higher package. If you go over your usage, then you are slowed down for 24 hours only, then it picks back up again to its regular speeds. Hughes has improved the system as technology has improved over the years. The HN9000 has none of the issues the 6 and 7000 had. If you have had the system for a few years, it is worth the upgrade. If you upgrade, then cancel your old account so you don't get a double bill. If you do get a double bill, then they will correct it. Hughes has NEVER raised their package rates...NEVER, yet they have raised the speeds several times! I really cannot believe the silly complaints I have read on here. Sometimes the customer has to take some responsibility for their actions, computer operations...and deal with the fact that if you live in the country, then you have to deal with certain things. The satellite dishes allow us to access tv and internet sites that everyone in the cities have.
    I agree that dealing with the folks in India can be difficult, but use some patience and realize that no money is made on the Customer Service Dept. Hughes is simply trying to kep costs down so they can keep the rates down.
    Finally, I would like to state a simple fact...order from your Local Dealer and be aware of what you are ordering. The most important factor in your satisfaction is the Tech that installs the system for you. He/She is the only person you will see face to face. If the install is good and solid, then chances are you will be very happy with the service. But ifyou have a million Customers, you are bound to have a few that are not happy.

    I am a HughesNet Tech, and I have seen the satellite industry grow and change and improve over the last 15 years. It is only getting better.

  • Cj
      10th of Feb, 2011
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    Hey dude above me ^, I understand(but find irritating) the need of the FAP, but the whole speed thing is outrageous. I have the 1mbps plan, and most of the time I'm getting 500kbps... Maybe! If the limitations are that bad, then they shouldn't claim the high speeds in the first place! "You get 2mbps download. Haha, just kidding, you only get 750kbps. Deal with it or fork over $400 to cancel." I bet that's what the tech support is saying if they spoke English. -_-

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