Hughes Net Satellite Servicefalse charge on returned satellite equipment

I visited relatives in Frankfort, Ky the month of September 2014 and rented a small cottage outside of town for that month only. The address was 3845 Bald Knob Rd Frankfort, Ky 40601. On September 9th 2014 I began service with Hughes Net Satellite Service only. The installation was free and I paid first month fees of $49.95 in advance on my credit card.. Two weeks later, on September 24th 2014 I cancelled the service. Since I was leaving town, I didn’t have time to wait for their pre-paid boxes to be sent to me so that I could return the modem and radio transmitter. I called Hughes Net and they gave me a return address in Gaithersburg, MD so the last week of September, 2014, I went to the Frankfort, Ky Post Office, bought a box and then paid the shipping costs, with tracking and sent the items back to them postage paid in full. In early October 2014 I called Hughes Net and they said they hadn’t received the package despite the Post Office showing the items had already been delivered. I called again in mid October 2014 and then they conformed that they got the equipment and my business with them was over. However, On December 20th 2014, I got a bill for $318.00 saying I had to pay them for the equipment that I already sent and that they already told me they had received. When I called late December 2014, customer service said they did not get the equipment, and had never even talked to me about it, stating if I didn’t pay, the account would go to collections agency and ruin my credit.

Dec 21, 2014

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