Huggieshuggies snugglers size 4 mega boxes

I have been using Huggies diapers and wipes exclusively for all my children for the last 14 years. My latest baby who is now 7 months was just in a size 4. I always purchase/use the snugglers mega boxes. One of the boxes I was using had many many deformed diapers. I threw some away but then realized I can not waste them so I used them anyway..They had an extra tab below the belt line so I pulled them off. Now 2 different mega boxes I had, had a bad smell to them once urine hit the diaper. At first I was confused and would change her right away... I would smell the diapers all the time...I even tried different brand diapers and know that it was not the smell of the urine causing the problem, it was the diapers.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Neenah, WIShe also had urinated while she had no diaper on and there was still no smell. I would put a Huggies on her and within a minute of her peeing I would smell this STRONG smell...Sort of like battery acid/ very strong chemical. But more battery acid...That is the best way my family and I can describe it. It's strong enough to walk in the room and smell it right away. Therefore I would have to change her ASAP. I went through many diapers trying to figure out the smell and then having to change her quickly out of them as soon as she had the tiniest bit of urine. Two mega boxes was like that. I love Huggies and never want to change brands but I wanted to address these problems, especially if that smell can be chemically dangerous. I've also wasted so many diapers because of these issues. [removed]


May 13, 2017

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