Huffines Chevrolet / Huffines took my car for a joyride and scratched it up!

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I took my Pontiac G-6 to Huffines Chevrolet in Plano as it was making a rattling noise up front. The service advisor I dealt with was J.R. Lopez. Usually the service advisor writes down the mileage but J.R. Lopez did not for some reason. I wrote it down myself and was at 39, 817 miles.

Later that day, J.R. Lopez called me and said my car was ready. I picked up the car after work and it was dark outside so I did not notice the outside of the car at that time. I did notice that someone had eaten sunflower seeds in the car and thrown the hulls in the passenger seat. Also, a pair of reading glasses that had been in the glovebox were laying on the seat, broken.

I checked the mileage and it was at 39, 828, meaning someone had driven my car 11 miles. Someone obviously took it for a joyride as it did not need to be driven this far for a test drive. I drove the car home.

The next morning when I got up and looked at the car, I saw my car had deep scratches all over it, from the front bumper to the rear. The scratches were running all the way from the hood, all down the car to the trunk lid and were on the top and sides of the car. I could not believe this as I had just bought the car about a week earlier and it did not have a single scratch on it. I was furious to say the least.

I drove the car back to Huffines Chevrolet and showed all this to J.R. Lopez. He acted like he didn’t know anything about it and seemed to brush it off. I think he knew exactly what happened to my car and maybe he himself or the mechanic caused the scratches.

I spoke to his manager, Keith Saltzman, and he acted unconcerned. Neither Keith Saltzman or J.R. Lopez seemed to be surprised about all the scratches; acting like it was no big deal. They said they would find out who worked on it and what happened. I felt J. R. Lopez knew what had happened as he acted like he knew something.

I left and later called and spoke to another manager, Steve Gandy. He said that a mechanic named George Hill had worked on the car but George denied knowing anything about the scratches. Steve Gandy downplayed it and said the scratches were not bad and could be buffed out.

Steve Gandy said J.R. Lopez would call me back and set-up a time where I could bring the car over and they would buff out the scratches. I never heard from Mr. Lopez. I then called Steve Gandy and told him I wanted to speak with the General Manger of Huffines. He said that would be Lee Ingraham and that he would have Lee call me. I never heard from Lee.

I called Lee Ingraham myself and he said bring the car over and he would look at it. I drove it over and showed it to him and told him it looked like someone had driven it under a tree. He said that no one had driven it under a tree, as if he knew exactly what happened but refused to tell me.

We set-up an appointment to have the scratches buffed out. So I took the car back to them on a Saturday and waited about three hours while they buffed it out the scratches. When I drove the car home, I noticed there were buff marks on it that should have been removed. I called Lee Ingraham and left numerous messages but he never would return my calls.

I would strongly advise people not to do business with Huffines Chevrolet in Plano or any of the Huffines dealerships. They took my car on an 11 mile joyride, scratched it all up, denied knowing what happened, would not put the car back to it’s original condition, and would not return numerous phone messages left. Terrible customer service to say the least.

Huffines Chevrolet
Huffines Chevrolet

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