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Hue Investments / Bad service

1 18031 Highwoods Preserve Parkway, Tampa, FL, United States Review updated:

This is a complaint about a company and the people who run it. They are LIARS and DO NOT keep ANY promises they make. Beware of this company and the people associated with it. They talk a big game and in the long run they accomplish nothing while along the way will send you false documents and make false promises.

They will actually tell you they have the money to fund your project when in fact they have none and in more than 7 months dealing with them they lied and made up documents, emails, phone calls and text messages to pretend they have the money. When the "head" guy Oscar Monroy is asked to prove he has the money or provide references he gets mad and comes up with excuses. He talks a great game, but in reality he is just a broker trying to find money with your project.

The person who really has no business being in any type of business is Kenny Huebner who lies, sends you false documents and is just a piece of you know what. He has on numerous times with many witness's said he has the money and will transfer the funds in 48 hours or he is at the bank transferring funds. He makes false promises after false promises and will do it without any kind of remorse. He has lied more than a dozen times easy and people were counting on his promises and were put into debt because of his false promises.

DO NOT do any kind of business with this company or people. They talk a big game but have NOTHING. They are an embarrassment. They wasted 7 months on our project and continue to lie. DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY MONEY. We were lucky we did not give them any money. Also, check on any Proof of Funds. They have no problem sending out FAKE POF letters.

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      29th of Oct, 2008

    Include Oscar Monroy in this complaint. He is a fast talker who does nothing but talk. DO NOT do business with this guy. Contact me and I will send you court documents about him and his relationship with Hue Investments and Kenny Huebner

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  • Om
      11th of Nov, 2008

    Dear Post(er)

    I am not aware of any transaction that was related to Hue Investments with Perry Smith. As for including Oscar Monroy, he is not aware of any transaction related to the individual or as a company. I would recommend being in contact with him directly to discuss the actions that took place.

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  • Om
      27th of Nov, 2008

    Dear Post(er);

    After carefully reviewing all the statements placed, there should be clarification in referencing the individuals discussed in this post. Kenneth Huebner worked on several investment related projects. Many of the conversations were for developing new financing alternatives or strategies for the projects. Since Mr. Huebner had several private finance resources that were interested in assisting Hue Investments to create a Fund. As to the participation of "Oscar Monroy" when communication would breakdown with Mr. Huebner, he would assist in getting clarification and most importantly find a way to transition toward a positive outcome. Mr. Monroy would be asked to step in to try to find alternatives in in developing a new plan of action. Throughout many of the transactions brought before Hue Investments by way of Mr. Huebner, there were never requests for any funds in advance or charges or costs related to funding the project. Non disclosures would be in place to safe guard any company trade secrets, and discussions would begin with all the key personnel. Much of the communication was for the benefit of all parties involved in the transaction. To reference "sending out "FAKE POF"(proof of Funds), Mr. Monroy has no knowledge of sending or having sent any document that would show the company financial standing. In addition, only "Letters of Intent" would engage the new client or venture. Since Hue Investments was driven by developing funding strategies, but not to guarantee any funding. When all resources for funding were exhausted, notification to the management was made. We hope that this clarifies the company and the individuals involved. We wish the venture good fortune and most importantly hope that their goals are realized.

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  • No
      20th of Jan, 2009

    Check it. Kenny Huebner is much a crook as Oscar Monroy. He is a huge liar and makes false statements and has ruined peoples lives. He is as scummy as that punk Oscar Monroy who is a crook and scammer. NEVER do business with these people. They always have an answer to any accusations and that is because they are experts at it. You can thank me later

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