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Hu Limited / Over charging

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I live in vienna, virginia (U. S. A.) the fraud department of my bank just called and informed me that my credit card had two charges from hu limited:

02 / 17 pending hu limited $39. 97
02 / 17 pending merchantavs $0. 00
02 / 16 pending hu limited $4. 99

I have no idea what hu limited is!!!

Registered number: 05073428 - registered at companies house on 15 / 03 / 2004
Address: suite b
29 harley street
W1g 9qr


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N  18th of Feb, 2009 by 
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I have the same damn thing... mine doesn't show any address though

2/13/2009 Debit/CheckCard TERMINAL 458045 HU LIMITED 866 931 5 XX $39.97

1/29/2009 Debit/CheckCard TERMINAL 458045 HU LIMITED 866 931 5 XX $19.73

I have no idea what in the hell is "HU LIMITED".. but I am very pissed, and my bank won't help me unless I submit some ### in writing about it... Army guy, not enough time to sit and write a ###ing note... I need to know where in the hell this place or person is located so I can take leave and beat the ### out of them, and take my 59 dollars back

If someone knows any information on how to contact these people, please let myself or jesse know...

PS My bank gave me a number to the place 866 931 5880... but when I tried, it was the sound of dialup
N  19th of Feb, 2009 by 
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my fiance is the same he has hu limited £70 has came out his bank in dont know who or what this thing is if any body knows could u contact robbie on 07707000864 i am so angry and want to get in contact with these people to i tell them what i think of them and get my money back nthat they should have took in the first place why is this allowed to happen in the first place lets get them before they scam other people which work hard for there money

ps please contact robbie if you know anything about this thanks
07707000864 thanks
A  20th of Feb, 2009 by 
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that number is a FAX to which I sent a message indicating that Scotty and I are going to beat the pennies out of their fat heads.

new fees found today... writing this while I'm on long hold with my bank:
02/19 02/19 INTERNATIONAL SERVICE FEE $0.04 $121.97
02/17 02/19 HU LIMITED 866-931-5880 $4.99

Registered Office: UNIT 400, 405 KINGS ROAD, LONDON
Latest Accounts: Dec 31, 2007
Latest Returns: Dec 08, 2008
Legal Status: Private Limited
Date Incorporated: Dec 08, 2006




• Tel. 0808 168 0143

• Fax. 0208 269 0101

• Email club@britain-china.org


A  25th of Mar, 2009 by 
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The following were in my Visa bill, the charges I have no idea of:

78.76 Hu Limited 866-931-5880 Gb 13-02-09 (USD 39.97 @ 0.5202) (Incl Currency Conversion Charge - $1.92)
9.83 Hu Limited 866-931-5880 Gb 12-02-09 (USD 4.99 @ 0.5198) (Incl Currency Conversion Charge - $0.23)

I had to stop the card because it started with Hu Limited and grew to:
78.5 Agp Corp 866-581-8577 Gb 15-03-09 (USD 39.97 @ 0.5219) (Incl Currency Conversion Charge - $1.91)
76.69 Enter Bdc 866-629-8103 Gb 12-03-09 (USD 38.86 @ 0.5194) (Incl Currency Conversion Charge - $1.87)
78.88 Enter Bdc 866-629-8103 Gb 12-03-09 (USD 39.97 @ 0.5194) (Incl Currency Conversion Charge - $1.92)
88.81 Management Tt 866-829-8121 Gb 12-03-09 (USD 45.00 @ 0.5193) (Incl Currency Conversion Charge - $2.16)
A  17th of Apr, 2009 by 
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Two suspicious charges on my checking card for 'AGP CORP' for 39.97... hopes somebody shuts these people down and soon.

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