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Noida, Indonesia
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Hello, I am a tutor, have got 2 tuitions on behalf of Eduwizard. Recent 20 days they have been totally disconnected, not responding to m y email, phone or messages several sent. One parent given 1 month full money in advance and eduwizard to pay my amount after deducting their incentive of 20%. they were to pay 50% in last week, that did not happen. I have not made a single penny from that newly got tution that started from 8th Of November. they are not responding to the parent also. the othr tution they have more some good amount, but because not responding I have least hope for getting amount for that tution. I have informed both the parents about it, that Eduwizard has totally stopped responding and I have no confidence would pay me my rightfully earned amount.

initial experience was good with eduwizard have paid full amount for one tutijon in past.

But now this happened.

Nov 30, 2016

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