SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / False Advertising FAKE product

1 PuTianShi FUJIAN, China
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They advertise REAL sheepskin and 100% guarantee...It states they come from Australia when in fact they come from CHINA. I tried to cancel my order the day after I placed it because they advertise they ship 1-5 business days and they contacted me stating they could not get them to me that quickly. So I stated for them to cancel the order TWICE (after two emails asking if I still wanted them). Then they were going to charge me 30% for cancellation when it states IF IN ORDER PROCESS..which it was not because they kept asking if I wanted them and I kept saying NO, so I let them go ahead and ship. I never received any tracking or confirmation..why because they were coming from CHINA not Australia as advertised. When the mailman FINALLY delivered them a month later..they were in an envelope. How do you get full size Uggs in a envelope?? By being FAKE boots. They were so lightweight I immediately gave them back to the mailman as REFUSED and RTS. Then I filed a complaint with my bank for full refund on my credit card. I found these fakes off Facebook advertising...I have contacted them as well and have not seen them being advertised anymore. FAKES, FRAUDS

Feb 5, 2015

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