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I felt that I have been cheated by a travel agent in singapore, called :

the story goes like this :

in August 2013 I went to the NATAS event, i bought around 57 vouchers of shanghai china land tour packages from travelstar .
the shanghai jiangnan package land tour were " OPEN DATE", meaning they can be used at any time to travel,
without any expiry date .

And it was clearly explained by the sales staff, the shanghai land tour had NO compulsory tour fee,
meaning no more extra fee will be charged .
the only Fee is the tips to the driver and local guide = S$ 6 / per day per person.

. the vouchers were entitled to get a 5 day / 4 nights land tour to shanghai etc,
inclusive 4 nights hotel accomodation, 3 times meal a day, transport during the 5 day tour .

the price of the voucher shanghai land tour was S$ 38 / per package.
so i paid to travelstar about S$ 2.400 for the 57 vouchers + other additional fees for single supplements, etc.

in June 2014 : i used 5 vouchers to travel to shanghai jiangnan, it was ok, they arrange the travel with their local agent there .
in that trip, as already explained when i purchased the vouchers in 2013, there were NO Compulsory tour fee charged to me .

now in June 2015, i emailed travel star a few days ago,
mentioning I want to use the 52 vouchers again, because I have 52 people will take the shanghai jiangnan package land tour this year .

the travelstar staff who answered my email, is named : Yourdon .
After he talked to his manager, named : steven,
he replied me saying : that the vouchers still can be used, but
they asked for additional $ 130 / per person for the Charge of Compulsory tour .

upon reading his reply, i was shocked and upset,
because they would charge extra fee : S$ 130 / per person for a compulsory tour fee,
this extra charge of S$ 130 was unreasonable,
it is like a way of cheating me by asking more money .

I replied back saying that according to the condition when i purchased those vouchers :
the shanghai land package tour should have NO compulsory tour extra fee.

so I told them they should NOT charge any compulsory tour fee,
they have to follow and stick to he condition when the vouchers were purchased in August 2013.

I told them IF they charge that fee, it means they attempt to cheat me by asking more money .

But they replied : this is the new regulation that there is a compulsory tour fee now .

I became very upset angry, I emailed back to them : saying that the manager was disgusting, crazy and insane .
the same manager had caused me upset last year .

I told them they had tried to cheat me by asking such extra fee S$ 130 / per person .
I cannot accept this kind of cheating .
I told them : Don't cheat me .
they should stick to the condition of the vouchers when they were purchased, viz. : NO compulsory tour fee will be charged .

Logically, They could Not simply ask for the extra fee as they like, that is not ethical, and that will make me as the customer suffer loss .

Who will want to pay for another extra fee S$ 130 / per person ?
i am sure, they themselves will object to the extra charge, if they were me. .

Yet they defended themselves, saying that If I cannot accept their new rule : paying extra fee,
my money will be forfeited, they assumed I could not use the vouchers any more .
And they said I have used words of slander to the manager,
they accused me of slander instead,
and they said if they report to the police of my slander, i will be at the loosing side.

I was very angry and replied them : " I challenge the manager to go with me to the POLICE,
when they will be ready to go to the police to settle this kind of cheating ?
I do hope police will find out their attempt of cheating and punish them .

i hope they can be accountable for this cheating attempts .

do u need my emails communication with the travelstar staff ?
i can email you, so you can read and study further the case .

Can you please help me what should i do to them now ?
can you help process the legal actions against them ?

waiting for your help and advice .

thanks before .
john lo

Jun 13, 2015

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