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I used their service to transfer funds from my one card to another card . i had a few giftcards where i had a few dollars left on each . all those are virtual gift cards mastercard.I loaded all of my splited funds on paywizard account. it became total 70 pounds . so when i put withdrawal to my card they locked my account saying why i got a lot cards added on my account. i answered i may have many if their system allows to do it why i would not do?
i added my partners card also there. they says it is not allowed to add others account on a user account. but if card holder authorizes to use it then they have no problem. ok all fine. i waited 2 days . they said they will be sending me an email asking for any further details of anything related to card if needed for investigation. ok fine i said i have no problem providing details . because i own all and my partners card also authorized for me to use. then they never responses to my call. its been more than 1 month . i did hear nothing from them . now if i call they are not availble they says . what kind of scamming company is paywizard people should know. they made a plan where they do this they made agreement saying they can lock any funds upto 18 months . why 18 months? it could be held maximum 6 months for protecting chargeback. and reasonable to know . more over all are my card and ready to provide if any proof needed but they are really scam. pelase avoid this ### company. true scam

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