SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / scam or not

1 Australia

sorry ...

this isn't an official complaint...i just couldn't find a scam site checker/verifier and was wondering if i can do this on complaints board somehow or some other sites that you can link or pass me to.

its another great offer but it looks all the too similar to the ones of the past...can you guys help me out.

keep up the great job guys...i have been scamed b4 and only found this site after...whata shame...the only legit work from home thing so far i can see (not tested) are medical transcriptors or medical typist but are there others for people who needs a different what i am getting at is, instead of trying to kill 100% of the virus ( impossible) can you just tell me a few legit sites to browse...and make sure they are checked by the FBI, i dont want to have to go to their company and start chucking eggs or use brutal forrce to



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