http://www.niftyoptionguru.comClients suffer losses — brokerage generation main goal:

Trades in big lots to create Brokerage benefits for himself. People filed police cases. Teach him a lesson. All good brokers aware of this false person from Delhi. They totally avoid him. I spoke with this fellow, not a sane person. All good ideas he copy and keep on his blog. Have links with all bad brokers. They trade in your account without informing us. High brokerage, no information on trading plan. Pulls persons saying earn first then only pay. But capital lost. Who is responsible for capital loss. Two of my relatives totally bankrupt. All copy. All good quotes he simply pastes on this wall. Copy Cat. Nothing original and full of bad intentions. Society punish this person by name Ashish Panwar.

  • Updated by Ravindra Chiguru · May 01, 2017

    I traded whatever he wanted me to. At the end of the month I lost 25, 000/- But in the Net under Performance heading he says +17%. When we asked them for details they are simply avoiding us. They are Misleading public by false statements on their website. They do not have any trading plan. Just trades as per wishes.

    Website created in 2015 but performance is produced since 2013. No details. Just mention % and luring innocent investors. No real performance or record. Simply duping public. Posts attractive slogans like Money guarantee. All the money keep in account vanishes. He says take back subscription money. Who will bear capital total loss. Clever way of tricking traders. Save your money by not going to him.

May 01, 2017

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