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I recently bought the product Melanotan from them.

On their webpage it states:
We offer 100% REFUND (or FREE re-send) if you do not receive your order for any reason.
The only instances where a refund is not guaranteed is if incorrect contact/shipping address details are provided at the time of ordering, or if the tracking information of a shipment confirms delivery. In the rare event this occurs we will gladly re-ship the order at cost price.

When I did not recieve my package as it did not make it through customs I contacted them to let them know. This is the series of POOR emails I got:

I have been purchasing Melanotan through your company for a while now and have had no issues to date. However recently when I have been sending numerous emails to make enquiries about the parcel delivery and whereabouts I have not been getting replies.
I recently received a letter from customs two days ago stating that the package has been seized as it was suspected human growth substance. On your web page it states: We offer 100% REFUND (or FREE re-send) if you do not receive your order for any reason.
The only instances where a refund is not guaranteed is if incorrect contact/shipping address details are provided at the time of ordering, or if the tracking information of a shipment confirms delivery. In the rare event this occurs we will gladly re-ship the order at cost price. I went onto your website to call and try and get this issue resolved however there is not a phone number to contact you through. I have been getting this product from you for a while and intend on many future purchase so I would appreciate a reply asap as I would hate for lack of communication to hinder any future purchase. I have attached a cpy of the payment details

it's easy. Please contact customs, they can check it in lab if it growth hormone or no.
Naturaly it is melanotan, what they can check in lab, and would find out in 10min. Please call they and ask them what they want and let us know

They said once it has been seized then they don't test it is confiscated and that's the final decision. They did say that the only reason that it gets checked it because of the parcel size and the fact it looks suspicious. They said if it would be sent through in smaller packaging it would get through customs but the fact that the parcel is bigger makes it stand out. So they said to send it through in smaller envelopes or small padded bag and it would go through customs with out being checked. A friend of ours had the same thing happen to him and he said when he rung the melanotan place and suggested to send a few smaller envelopes through rather than a parcel, it worked and he recieved it straight away.

Do You have some mails, papers from them. They just can't say it's suspicious and not to deliver the package without testing it, specially when nothing suspicoius is inside. Please ask them, if they need a paper from company, what envelope contains. Then they will have a paper which confirmed that package is not suspicious. The only one way to send the package to Australia is one standard envelope, they do not accept smaller or bigger.

With out being disrespectful I have waited a month for the melanotan, I would like you to either refund the amount or as suggested in my previous email try sending in smaller amounts (3 viles) in an envelope. This worked for a friend and as hinted by customs would work. Customs said that all larger parcels are being inspected with out fail and melanotan is being seized as the product is suspected growth hormone. I have asked about testing the product and they said they don't test, the product is seized as it is suspicious and that is final. I understand it is not growth hormone but customs will not test it. Please let me know if a refund will be issued or a re send in small envelopes will happen.

please let me know, if they can just send the package back.
Please ask them that You want the package to send back. What would they say ?
Will try to send package in smaller envelope

They said they won't as it is seized. I asked if there is anything else that can be done and they said no.

Do You have some friend who lives in European Union ?
It would be the best to send him the package (will send small envelpoe), and then he would send You this let us know

I dont know how fluent your english is or if you just cant comprehend when someone is getting impatient, but I am getting extremely frustrated. Firstly I ordered this product 6 weeks ago. Secondly it is not my problem to arrange for customs to get it back to you or for me to arrange for a friend in the uk to have it delivered to their place. I ordered it to an address. It was not recieved. You are trying to avoid the fact a refund is in order. It is extremely unprofessional and in poor taste. I messaged you friday morning to get a refund and I STILL have no reply. I wanted the product for a wedding I am attending at the end of this month but all this procrastinating now means I will not have it in time. I guess you dont care as it is not your money you have spent or your product you are waiting on, but regardless you should do your job and refund as requested asap or further action will be taken.

i know that's Your money, but You do not know as i see that i sent the package to You with ordered items,
so i also guess that You do not care that i will loose my package...

It has now been nearly 3 months since I ordered the product. I have not recieved a thing. My emails are being ignored. $340 down the drain. I could have gone with a company that post in australia and have avoided all this but I went with this company as they were cheaper. In my opinion posting that "all parcels are insured for any reason if not recieved to the address you ordered" then to ignore me when asking for a refund / resend, is extremely POOR taste, disguisting personal morals and shameful business ethics!

They have stole my money.
I have no product.
I have been ignored constantly!
I saved for this purchase to be left empty handed.
I will be taking the matter further and will keep updated as to what happens...


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  • Pi
      Sep 24, 2010

    this has turned me off using this company anymore. I have used them for 3 purchases now but I am not taking the risk of losing my money and I will not support companies that do that to people. So sad to hear :( I hope you get a positive end result out of all this. Companies like this should be shut down

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  • Me
      May 26, 2011

    Shut your [censored]in convict mouth you whining [censored]! You are purchasing an illegal substance! This is a non FDA approved product which you are administering into your body with unknown repercussions. And I am sure if something went awry with your health you would be the first to put your hand up with the intent to sue manufacturer. This product is strictly for research only in the hope of finding a clinical breakthrough for skin cancer, not for your vanity you pale wh#re.. And if customs seize this illegal product then tough [censored]! Thats the risk you take, the same as the risk you are taking when injecting this substance into your body... You will have to buy another batch you piece of [censored]! Either do that or [censored] off and buy the inferior product from your deadsh*t down under supplier, which I know for a fact does not exist in that [censored] country.. hehe

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  • St
      Aug 07, 2012

    Wel for starters meloking it is not illegal what so ever to by melanotan nor is it illegal to own it, you slow dumb idiot who needs to get his facts right before spouting your mouth off with rubbish you no nothing about, I buy it all the time and declare it to customs and they have no problem with it, and as for you PISCES I've bought mt2 from melanotanforyou and received it in 10 days, the only down fall and problem I have is I didn't get a tracking number and it took 5 days longer than stated.
    I wouldn't use that site again because something is not sitting right now, 1) I think the man who owned it to start with has sold it on because it's now some woman running it now, 2) the amount you can order has decreased loads, 3) they said they can't take credit card payments anymore because of problems with the system...? So they only except western union or payment transfer making it impossible to trace when it's been received, and your right they don't answer emails when you start asking questions, but the biggest problem is I've been to the address that's on the website and guess what, it's a little sh1t flat complex in a run down area, I asked around and they didn't no who or where it was hope that helps you out m8. But if you want mt2 go to that's where I get mine from and it's real cheap, I've pics of me two weeks apart and you see the change... Good luck

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  • St
      Aug 07, 2012

    Customs would alway send a letter to you and you can appeal it, I also get hgh

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