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1 El Paso County, CO, United States
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The director owner dictator is a dog collector not a rescuer. She will euthanize any animal she deems unworthy although claims to be no-kill. She keeps over a dozen animals in kennels in her home (her own admission was 21) in violation of local law. Volunteers are just unwitting enablers of her disorder. She is not good with dogs, I saw her bitten twice the only two times I saw her. Local shelters supply her with more animals. She charges hundreds of dollars to adopt. She is loathe to let anyone adopt a pet. She demands in writing free reign over your home, unannounced anytime if you do adopt. She steals dogs from yards, (her own admission). A friend volunteered to help and was harassed. We had several scared unsocialized dogs of hers and made fast progress in getting these little dogs back to normal but efforts were all undone by this person's tyrannical behaviors.
This group is totally unqualified in every respect as to care of chihuahuas et. al. and totally untrained in canine behavior, period. They should be charged with cruelty but county law enforcement suspiciously refuses to investigate. A preponderance of the evidence I have is enough to convict. Local humane socety workers are on her email list but declined my requests to explain. A "volunteer" or adopter is really an enabler to her illness. Only time I ever smiled about a dog biting someone was watching her get bitten by a sweet little dog we had to return to her as per court order. Dogs know don't they?! I have 40 years experience with dogs, I know what I am doing, she believes dogs should never be outdoors. Nuff said. She is a fraud.
You have been warned.

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