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Sometime's the exposed ’s “best defense that money can buy” is the truth. A person must take full responsibility for their actions and hold themselves fully accountable without any excuse. They should never rationalize their criminal conduct.

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412 Olive Ave.,#547
Huntingtom Beach, CA 92648

Domain name: HPU-EDU.COM

Administrative Contact:
Ph.D., Bruce successtrak [at]
412 Olive Ave.,#547
Huntingtom Beach, CA 92648

One well known and qualified psychotherapist with twice the usual training. He possess a masters degree and a license in marriage and family therapy, a doctoral degree and license in clinical psychology, and have been doing psychotherapy since 1996. He state’s since “hypnotherapy is a type of therapy, a truly qualified “hypnotherapist” should also be a highly trained, licensed, and experienced therapist for the best results. If not, move on and keep searching! ..”
In fact, he continues, “…when deciding upon a professional for hypnosis products (or live office sessions), the first question to always ask is, “is this person a licensed, graduate-level psychotherapist?” Such official, graduate-level licenses include the clinical psychologist, marriage and family therapist, or clinical social work licenses. If a hypnotist does not possess one of these (or a comparable) therapy license, he wouldn’t recommend

Check Below if Bunny Is a current Member

Consumer Beware. -(check and see if Bunny is a member of any of the below)

The American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH), the largest national organization of licensed health professionals who use hypnosis, advises on its official Web site ( that, just as in choosing any health professional, you exercise care in selecting a clinical hypnosis practitioner. Unfortunately, the practice of hypnosis is not regulated by most states as is the practice of other healing arts. Therefore, in most states, clinicians and therapists who use hypnosis are not licensed in hypnosis. The implications of this are that anyone can call themselves a “certified hypnotherapist,” or “clinical hypnotist,” and hang out a shingle.

Beware of quacks.

Screening a Practitioner’s Qualifications. Careful questioning on the telephone can help you avoid falling into the hands of unscrupulous persons who engage in fraudulent or unethical practices.

First, ask the person what his or her primary health-care field is. If the person answers that it is hypnosis or hypnotherapy, the person is a “lay hypnotist.”

If the person states that it is medicine, dentistry, psychiatry, psychology, clinical social work, or nursing, ask if he or she is licensed in his or her field by the state. If the person is not licensed by the state, he or she probably lacks the education required for licensure or has lost his or her license.

Find out what the person’s degree is in. If the person states that it is in hypnosis or hypnotherapy, as opposed to a state-regulated health-care profession, the person is a “lay hypnotist.”

If the person is licensed in one of the above health-care fields, check for membership in the major professional organization for their field (for instance, the American Medical Association, American Dental Association, American Psychological Association, National Association of Social Workers, etc.).

Also, check for membership in the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis or the Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis. These are the only nationally recognized organizations in the United States for licensed health-care professionals using hypnosis. If you have doubts about the person’s qualifications, keep looking.

There is properly no health professional who is just a “hypnotist” or “hypnotherapist.” This would be analogous to there being a health professional called a “scalpelist.” Obviously, that would be absurd. A surgeon’s scalpel is only a tool, and the use of the scalpel by itself is certainly not treatment! So, there is no valid health-care professional called a “scalpelist.”
Your best bet in choosing a hypnosis practitioner is to choose:
a. Someone you feel comfortable with, and
b. Someone who is a licensed health professional and who has appropriate training and experience in the use of hypnosis in his or her specific health care profession.

National Hypnosis Societies
There are two major national hypnosis societies whose membership is restricted to state licensed health-care professionals with appropriate training and experience in hypnosis.

The American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH). This is the largest national professional association of licensed health-care and mental-health professionals who utilize hypnosis in treating a wide range of medical, dental, and psychological conditions. Membership in ASCH is limited to clinicians who meet all of their state’s statutory licensure or certification requirements for their particular health-care profession. Those requirements vary for each state but are based on similar standards of appropriate formal education, specialized training, examinations, and supervised experience.

The Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis (SCEH). This is the other major national hypnosis organization. Both ASCH and SCEH publish well-regarded, peer reviewed journals and provide training for health-care professionals and students. For full membership in both societies, one must have an appropriate advanced academic degree in one’s profession as described above. In addition, a member must have a requisite number of hours of training in hypnosis provided by an approved provider of such training. A period of documented, supervised experience in the applications of hypnosis is also required, as is documented continuing education that is updated and checked every two to three years.

The below link is Ms Bunny giving Medical Advice,%20Ph.D-1955/


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