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BEWARE COMPANY SELLING Premium Acai Berry, Nature Cleanse & Chia Powder Supreme on the

Internet. This correspondence will be forwarded to the company, all 50 State Attorney's

General and all 50 state offices of the Better Business Bureau. [protected] & [protected]

My friend ordered the product starter for "$5.95 in shipping and handling ONLY" and it did

not work out like that. The offer was "try it free" and return for full refund if not 100%

satisfied. As the initial order was processed, the company placed a "hold" on $80+ in her

checking account while the order was processed. This was never outlined in order process and

caused her $70 in overdraft charges. She then called to cancel the order within the

specified time frame and the company REFUSED to explain the "hold" and REFUSED to refund her

the over draft charges. Approx. a week after she cancelled the order they billed her account

anyway. Once again, without knowing she woudl be billed, she incurred $70 more in overdraft

charges. When she called again, the company REFUSED to show her any sympathy and REFUSED to

help her in any way. To add insult to injury, they informed her that she would only receive

a prorated refund based on her consumption of the product and not a full refund as

advertised. She has now paid $5.95 in S&H; $2.35 to send it all back; $140 in over draft

fees for billings she was not informed of and was billed for $80+ in product that she will

only receive a partial refund on. This is a single mother of two, receiving no child supprt

and working 50 hours a week plus to get by in life. The amounts above are significant and

this company has deceitful and dubious business practices and are no doubt fleecing

thousands of people who are just trying to feel better about themselves. The "vitamin and

health care" business is a multi-billion dollar business and this company is making millions

by taking advantage of those who just want to feel or look better. To top it all off, the

products "advertised" effects and benefits are BUNK and she felt no different. Please beware

and help put these scam artists out of business. I can be reached at [protected] for

further info or details.

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  • Km
      Jul 08, 2009

    I too posted a complaint regarding this same company. I filed fraud charges with my bank and the bank reimbursed my money. I also canceled my debit card, because they will continue to withdraw money.

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  • Cr
      May 07, 2012

    single mom get a better job and stop trying to waste money on wieghtloss stuff instead of spending it on your child.if you can not support a child on your own without a man do not have a child with one.

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