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I ordered a "Free" Trial of this product. On 12/31 I had a charge of $92.99 on my debit card. I did not recognize the name of the company listed on the description of the charge . I called the number associated with the charge on my account. It was skinrefresh. I was told when I ordered the free sample that this would become an auto shipment product delivery. I was not aware of this when I ordered the trial. I guess it was in the hidden in the hidden Terms & Conditions. I canceled the order/auto-shipment. I was told that my auto-shipments have been canceled and that I will not be charged again for this product. Well, today I was charged again. Again, I did not recognize the name of the company in the description of the charge. It was a different name/phone number from the first charge. I called and it was the same customer service center. The lady I spoke with stated she did see where I had called and canceled on 12/31/16. She chatted with her supervisor and told them I canceled on 12/31 and there is notation of it in their system. She asked if I could be refunded and she was told no. They only would give me a discount. They first offered a 25% discount. They then offered a 50% discount. I told her I did not order the product and wanted a refund. She chatted again with her supervisor. She was told that because they already charged me and the product has supposedly already shipped that there is nothing they can do. She told me she wanted to help me and that I should not have been charged, but she did not have authorization to do so. She apologized profusely. I asked to speak to a manager and she told me they do not have a phone number and she can only contact them through a "chat" system. I actually feel sorry for the girl I spoke to today. I could tell she wanted to help me.
I have been unable to locate any contact information for this company.

  • Updated by across0212, Jan 22, 2017

    The free trial offer is for Skin Refresh and Eye Sensation.

Jan 22, 2017

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